Milap welcome the ‘Princess of Tabla’ for brand new Music for the Mind & Soul concert

Milap welcome the ‘Princess of Tabla’ for brand new Music for the Mind & Soul concert

Milap – the UK’s leading Indian arts and culture company – will welcome a groundbreaking tabla player for their iconic concert series, Music for the Mind and Soul, later this month.

Rimpa Siva is one of the few female professional players of the twin drum instrument and was hailed as a ‘child prodigy’ when she burst onto the classical Indian music scene when she was barely a teenager.

The show, which premieres on Milap’s YouTube channel on 31st July at 1pm, will be a live studio recording from the On Air Theatre in Kolkata, with harmonium accompaniment by Debasish Karmakar.

Rimpa was born into a musical family and has been taking lessons from her father and Guru Pandit Swapan Kumar Siva, disciple of the late Ustad Karamathulla Khan of Farrukkabad Gharana.

She earned her M.A. from Rabindra Bharati University and has been a previous winner of the ‘Shamukha Sangeet Shiramani Award’ in Mumbai, the Indian Music Academy’s President Award, and the Sangeet Natak Academy Award.

The Music for the Mind and Soul concert series has been designed to help audiences unwind and escape and has made the switch from physical venues to online spaces throughout the pandemic.

All previous Music for the Mind & Soul concerts can be viewed on the Milap YouTube Channel. You can subscribe so you don’t miss any future concerts at


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