Beat Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Pain with Dr. Joe

Stress, anxiety, depression, disconnectedness, chronic fatigue and pain, sleep problems, and emotional turbulence are but some of the symptoms associated with the ever-quickening pace of life and our resistance to it. This epoch of time was prophesied in ancient yogic texts.

For over 30 years, Joe has been involved in helping individuals, through mindfulness meditation and certain yogic breathing techniques, to rediscover themselves and to help them back from the debilitating effects of stress, serious mental ill health and addiction in its various forms..He is an experienced community builder who has worked at grass roots level for a long time and believes that every individual has a unique contribution to make to improve themselves, their communities and beyond. He currently holds a clinic session every week in the local community, where he sees patients with a variety of physical and psychological conditions and complex needs

Joe’s passion and enthusiasm is simple – to help individuals to find balance in their work and home life by tapping into their inner resourcefulness and to discover the authenticity that lies within themselves. This is called the IAM approach and using appreciative inquiry, encourages individuals to work with what works for them and to focus on what’s strong and not on what’s going wrong.

In an engaging, intimate and playful talk being held at One Sacred Sunday, Dr Joe Delaney will discuss the neuroscience of this acceleration in to the Aquarian age and demonstrate simple yet effective pranayama breathing and meditation techniques to reduce the negative effects often present in the rapid kundalini awakening that is occurring globally. Dr Joe describes a revolutionary new approach that allows individuals to “hack their physiology in order to change their psychology”. This new IAM Approach, helps people to consciously focus on “what’s strong instead of what’s wrong” inside of them. Evidence shows that working from this strength-based mindset makes it easier for any human to regain control of their lives and rapidly restore emotional balance and clear thinking in this time of ‘The Great Awakening’. Dr Delaney’s passion for understanding the ancient wisdom of healing combined with modern scientific approaches offers solutions that most health and medical professionals are still largely unaware of. This talk, therefore, will probably be unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Dr Joe is a Consultant in Integrative Medicine. He holds a PhD in Medicine and specialises in the neuroscience of stress and addictive behaviour and its management. He is also an acknowledged teacher of Evolutionary and Developmental Psychology and is a renowned authority on the heart-brain, mind-body connection and how “what goes on between the ears” directly affects the heart and vice versa. Previously, he worked for many years as a Senior Research Fellow in Medicine at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, exploring the use of non-medical Interventions alongside pharmacological methods for treating hypertension in patients suffering with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease. In line with the above role, he was appointed as the country’s first NHS Specialist in Integrative Health Practice.

Dr. Joe Delaney

Dr. Joe will be delivering his thought provoking talk titled: The Mystical Union: Neuroscience, Pranayama & Kundalini Awakening at One Sacred Sunday on Sunday 9th December at 6pm.

Tickets are £11.11 and allow access to the full day event from 2pm. Click here for more information