Vida Wellness: Breathing Soothing Life Back Into Texas

Vida Wellness: Breathing Soothing Life Back Into Texas

What started as a part-time business has flourished into a company that’s now the primary advocate of self-care and wellness in Lockhart, Texas. 

When other businesses were forced to shut their doors due to the pandemic, Vida Wellness did the opposite and opened its doors on March 3, 2020, as Vida Massage. With the pandemic at its peak, owner Yolanda Dunkin was furloughed from her spa job. When she was reinstated, she continued to accept clients at both locations. 

But as her clientele grew, she decided to dedicate all her time to Vida Wellness. Armed with her years of experience in various options, including managerial, gained at Regis Corp, Yolanda was more than ready to cater to her clients. 

From a tender age, Yolanda recognized her hands were her superpowers, and she wanted to use them to help others. When she initially started Vida Wellness, her core focus was delivering massages. Her burning urge to heal could not be expressed with just massages, and so she expanded her suite of offerings. 

Today, Vida Wellness specializes in assisting clients in recovery from injuries, chronic pains, lack of range of motion, and surgeries. Additionally, the health-focused entity provides relaxation, pregnancy, and inch reduction with body contouring services. 

Vida boasts over 500 dedicated clients who have standing appointments weekly or monthly. In addition to the excellent service being rendered, Yolanda delighted patrons with her very own collection of take-home wellness products available for sale. 

While her services are high quality and her staff excellent, Vida Wellness is truly defined by its customer-centric approach. Yolanda and her team take a very personal approach to clients by learning their names, listening to their needs, and creating an atmosphere that fosters comfort and relaxation. 

Vida Wellness may have started as a business on the side, but now it stands tall as Yolanda’s gift of wealth through health to her community. 

When she isn’t busy inciting wellness, Yolanda is a doting boy mom, wife, and a love-smitten owner of Sparky the Yorkie. 

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