UK launches ‘BLACK INCLUSION WEEK’ – here’s how you can get involved

UK launches ‘BLACK INCLUSION WEEK’ – here’s how you can get involved

– The inaugural Black Inclusion Week will take place between 10 – 16 May 2021.
– The initiative aims to tackle inequalities and celebrate Black Inclusion.
– A launch event will take place on Zoom on 18th March at 11am; to register CLICK HERE

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The shocking death of George Floyd caught on video in the US sparked protests all over the UK and a national debate over Britain’s history. In response to these horrific events, Black Leaders launched a national movement to help drive black inclusion and challenge inequalities within our communities and working environment. 

Their latest venture, Black Inclusion Week, looks to create tangible change and set a course for a better, more inclusive future during a time when our society has never been more divisive. 

The inaugural national Black Inclusion Week will take place across the UK from 10th-16th May 2021 to celebrate Black people and be a reminder of the importance of embedding a fair and just society for all.

CEO & Founder of Black Leaders Paul Sesay said; “Right now, Black inclusion in the UK is the subject of many discussions in society, organisations, and around family dining tables in a way that it never has been. People across all walks of life are awakening to the inequities that have existed and persisted around them for so long and are asking many questions. These questions are often accompanied by confusion, discomfort and fear”. 

Sesay continues, “In this awakening there is also solidarity, compassion, understanding, collaboration and hope. There have also been countless examples of collaboration and hope with many seeking to understand how they can make a difference and working as individuals and organisations to do this. While this garners hope for an equitable future, this solidarity must continue for years to come for us to achieve a truly just society”.

The groundbreaking initiative will implement a host of toolkits to enable all to take part and continue on this journey. 

Aggie Mutuma, Inclusion Expert and Black Leaders Steering Group Lead, said, “There is a desire to understand, learn and change in so many ways. We can facilitate this through Black Inclusion Week; thus encouraging learning, reflection and actions towards inclusion to be taken. To really unearth and address all the issues, we need prolonged focus and to deliver the changes that will make a difference”.

Black Inclusion Week – How to get involved

Date: Thursday 18th March
Time: 11.00am – 12.15pm

To Register: CLICK HERE

Inclusive Companies are proud to partner with Black Leaders to deliver an online event about our latest venture, Black Inclusion Week (BIW). During this webinar, we will kick start the momentum in a special 50 Day Countdown to Black Inclusion Week, where allies and leaders from the network will be answering important questions such as…

What is Black Inclusion Week? 
Why is it important? 
How can you get involved?

Featuring an array of keynote speakers and hosted by Simon Hosannah, Client Development Director at Auto Trader UK, a powerful panel session will also take place exploring how we can be the change we wish to see in the world, and what exactly it is we can do to set a course for a more inclusive future.


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