The Three Simple Mantras That Helped Carry One Mom, Founder of Formulaire LLC., Through The Pandemic

The Three Simple Mantras That Helped Carry One Mom, Founder of Formulaire LLC., Through The Pandemic

1)  Treat the root of the problem, not the symptoms.   In a business, like in life, putting band-aids on problems can only be temporary. If you ignore a major flaw in your business structure or fail to reconcile with a traumatic event in your life; those problems will cause other problems and get worse the longer you refuse to face them. It might put you in uncomfortable spaces and you might have to rebuild your foundation. The result of the effort is guaranteed to be worth it. The Elucidating Facial Cleanser from was formulated to target the root of your skin concerns. It features 2% salicylic acid to help regulate oiliness while moringa and eucalyptus lend their antimicrobial and soothing properties to the skin. This cleanser is great at targeting the root of combination, oily, acne-prone, hormonal acne-prone, and normal skin concerns. Treating the root helps stop the cycles we want to break; whether in life or acne-fighting.      

2)  Keep an inventory of your mental and physical health.   You cannot pour from an empty cup. Rest when your body demands it. Take a break from social media when your spirit needs it. Maintain a gratitude journal. You deserve the love you give to everybody else. Pour into yourself the same way you pour into your loved ones. Founder of Formulaire LLC, Benita A. says, “as a single mom, my favorite time of day is when I get to pour into myself in the early morning. I light my favorite candle and write in my gratitude journal what I am grateful for. I listen to someone I admire say something inspirational. I use the Eskintual Duo to reset my skin and prep for the day. It’s a simple, two-step system that effectively targets my blemishes and improves my skin tone. I don’t have the time for a complicated 10-step routine. Formulaire nourishes the skin deeply and the effects are tangible. I use the remaining 15 minutes before my son wakes up to prioritize the day. It fits perfectly in my morning affirmation ritual.”         

3)  Progress is not linear.  The saying “take one step forward to take two steps back” will start to take on a very literal meaning in your life and at times in entrepreneurship. Acknowledging, accepting, and forgiving your mistakes is crucial. Give yourself grace. You will not be an expert at everything. Sometimes you will need diverse resources or a helping hand. In running my business, I learned to forgive myself for making mistakes. What can be viewed as business errors have turned into valuable lessons. While there will likely be more missteps, the success is in getting back up each time I’m knocked down. The formation of my journey thr coincided well with ough postpartum depression and understanding my mental health. Bipolar II is one of the challenges that I work with every day. Understanding what progress looks like throughout my emotional cycles was crucial to the continuation of my progress and my ability to maintain Formulaire LLC through life’s changes. My acne was triggered by my hormones. Therefore my Eskintual Duo from Formulaire is a lifeline to my skin when I’m my most emotional. 

Benita is a mom to a busy three year old residing in North Carolina. She is the founder and face of and also operates the social media handles ,

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