The Global Film Exhibition 2024

The Global Film Exhibition 2024

The Global Film Exhibition 2024, held in the tranquil town of Royal, Arkansas, is a one-of-a-kind event in the film festival landscape. Its virtual format allows it to uniquely connect filmmakers and movie enthusiasts from around the globe, breaking the conventional limitations of physical film festivals.

The festival’s inception is rooted in the resilience and determination of a disabled army veteran. Despite facing challenges with Parkinson’s and a seizure disorder, his enduring passion for cinema led to the creation of this unique platform. It stands as a powerful testament to the idea that physical barriers should not restrict the creative spirit.

This year, the festival took a significant step in making cinema more accessible by partnering with Hoopla Binge Pass. This collaboration offered free access to all U.S. library patrons, democratizing the festival experience for a broader audience and allowing more people to explore the rich diversity of global cinematic storytelling.

Philanthropy is a key aspect of the Global Film Exhibition, with tickets being available for any donation. Half of the proceeds are allocated to LifeLine Service Dogs, a non-profit organization committed to providing service dogs free of charge to veterans and children. This initiative highlights the festival’s dedication to community support and giving back.

The 2024 festival showcased an impressive array of films from talented filmmakers across the globe. The winners of this year’s festival represented a wide range of genres and styles, demonstrating the vast creativity and talent in the world of cinema:


Awards Ceremony Video

Best Documentary Feature: “I Went to an Alien Planet” by Qian Cheng

Best Animation: “SpaceRace” by Jonas Blommaert

Best Short Documentary: “By My Side” by Vicki Topaz and Wynn Padula

Best Under 5 Minutes: “Grief” by Robert J Permenter

Best Horror Feature: “The Crumbs” by David J. Espinosa

Best Horror Short: “Rosario” by Niko Angelo Quimbo Chu

Best Music Video: “Hambone Says” by Amelia Ray, Peggy Peralta

LGBTQ+ Award: “The Stranger” by Brad Case

Best Horror Under 5 Minutes: “The Table” by Rafael Angel Garcia

Best Feature Film: “The Heritor” by Farah Evers

Best Sci-Fi Feature: “Attack of the Cat People” by Sarah Stephenson

Honorable Mentions:

“Bridge Ahead” by Gregory Ayriyan

“Comfort Zone” by Mariah Schmidt

“Turn About” by Hezekiah Bennetts

“Kraft Minded” by Blake Kraft

Judges Choice Award : “May I go to the Restroom” by Julian Randolph Ward & John Isaac Ward


In addition to the film screenings, the festival offered enriching educational opportunities, including acting classes by the Drama Academy in Egypt and self-paced filmmaker classes through the Filmmakers Academy.

Two particular events stood out this year for their interactive and engaging format: the Q&A session with Director Eric England and the masterclass on film funding by Joanne Butcher. These events were a resounding success, providing attendees with invaluable insights into the film industry. The Q&A session with Eric England was a highlight for many, offering a rare opportunity for direct dialogue with an accomplished director. Similarly, Joanne Butcher’s masterclass on fundraising offered fresh perspectives and strategic advice on financing film projects, a topic of great interest to filmmakers at all levels.

The Global Film Exhibition is more than just a film festival. It’s a vibrant global community of storytelling and creativity. As we reflect on the success of the 2024 edition, it stands as an invitation to join a cinematic revolution. To learn more and become part of this unique community, visit, and immerse yourself in the world of film, where stories that transcend boundaries are celebrated and shared.

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