Tenant ‘mental health and well-being’ at the heart of Liverpool property, The Keel

Tenant ‘mental health and well-being’ at the heart of Liverpool property, The Keel

Finding the perfect place to call home is no small feat, as we want our home to be a place that we can return to and feel relaxed and settled after a long day at work. Unfortunately, for many renters, this isn’t the case. New research has revealed that one in five renters in England have poor mental and physical health due to their living conditions.

A poll of over 3,000 private and social renters in England, carried out by YouGov and the charity Shelter, found that 22 per cent of renters believe that their physical or mental health is being harmed by their housing standards.

Build up of damp and mould are cited as the most common problem, with many landlords ignoring the plights of their tenants.

The ever-growing build-to-rent sector is proving to be popular among prospective tenants. The Keel, a build-to-rent development on the Queen’s Dock in Liverpool, is helping to show how important it is to care for tenants, prioritising their health to make for an all-round better rental experience.

Located a short walk away from the Baltic Triangle, The Keel aims to create a complete package for its residents. The building is operated and maintained by an on-site management team, allowing residents to easily speak to them regarding any issues they may have with their apartment.

By having a centrally organised on-sight team at hand, this means that tenants don’t have to struggle to contact their landlord for help, meaning, if an issue should arise, tenants have an easy point of contact to help resolve any issues.

The on-sight management is only part of the great work The Keel has been doing to make sure their residents feel comfortable and at home on the development.

With many people now adopting a hybrid working pattern, The Keel is helping its residents on their work from home days. As part of a £300K makeover to the north lobby and common areas, The Keel has built a new state of the art co-working space, including quiet meeting rooms and a zoom room.

Having a healthy social life is also crucial to help maintain your mental health. Along with sociable communal areas, The Keel has a busy social calendar, with events, like wine tasting evenings, giving residents a chance to meet their neighbours and make new friends, all under one roof.

Joseph Cooper, General Manager at The Keel said: “The health and wellbeing of our residents is incredibly important to us. We want to create an environment where they enjoy coming home to a comfortable and stress-free apartment. Our on-sight team are always there to help and listen to our residents with any queries they may have”

“We want to go above and beyond to make sure that our residents get the most out of their time whilst living at The Keel. That is why we continually listen to our residents and invest in areas they’d like to see improved.”

“We’re really proud of our new lobby and co-working areas, giving our residents a chance to socialise and work with one another, which has become very important to many of us after living through the various social restrictions over the past year. These spaces are already proving very popular with our residents.”

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