Stocking Fillers at The Royal Court Studio 🎁🎁

Stocking Fillers at The Royal Court Studio 🎁🎁

A wonderful variety of short stories to fill your boots with this winter in The Studio.

The intimate and snug setting of The Studio allows for a very special atmosphere that only a space like this can create. The air was filled with silence as we hung on to every word projected on stage. I always feel the words said on the stage in the studio land with such an impact. This collection of stories was no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense of what we were getting next which made me smile as I thought of the clever title. There is a reason we get excited as we rummage through a stocking on Christmas morning and that’s the surprise element of the next thing you pull out! Very similar to this wonderful clever concoction of performances that can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster. Some of it dramatic, some of it heart wrenching but all of it ironically funny and relatable. To have your audience captivated all while evoking the essence of Christmas Spirit is a marvellous thing.
My favourite short story was definitely the flasher in the Church also known as β€œMidnight Mass Bouncer” by EJ Fisher. Because it was all about perspective and the reactions of people who chose to take a different perspective on a situation where others may have judged. There is nothing that is more enveloped in Christmas Spirit than a human who chooses to understand instead of Judge and then you miraculously see a person who may have been stuck change magically before your eyes because of your understanding. That is the true nature of Christmas and this short story captured that ever so perfectly! A little more love and a little less judgment was the fundamental message here and it was a great one! Paul Duckworth gave the most versatile of performances throughout and added humour and integrity to his characters. I love how versatile all of the actors were in playing their various roles. One of the most thought provoking performances I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in The Studio! I will definitely be looking forward to their next masterpiece!

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