Sports Quant Programmer Profile Of Michaelenjelaun Christovonce

Sports Quant Programmer Profile Of Michaelenjelaun Christovonce

Michaelenjelaun Christovonce is a Young 30 year Sports Quant Programmer, from the United States. Michaelenjelaun specializes in Sports Performance Data, and Quantitative Financial Modeling for Sports. He is the Chief Financial Manager of Quant Sports Investment Fund, Ballin Machine. He started his first 2 years with an 109-29 record. Going on a streak of as much as 34 wins out of 36 games for the mlb season. He is skilled in all pro team sports. Michael is capable of investing in sports bets, but also makes investments in sports teams that pay a performance dividend. With the help of his performance algorithm LIL TENDO 95 & SUPER TENDO 95. He has a record of over 350 wins and less than 150-160 losses in a matter of 3.5 years. One of the best for sure.

If you are looking to get into contact with Michael, you can contact him at [email protected]. Or text the service number 1-330-734-9110. You also see him on linkedin here:


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