Shlok Nair & Team Okbronetwork share keys of Ad Campaigns during the lockdown period

Businesses across the world are coming to terms with the revelation that daily procedures are quickly changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your company has temporarily halted all business or has decided to implement a telework routine, how you approach your digital marketing presence should be adjusted in response to this current health crisis. Message tones, current campaigns, and the effect that the pandemic has on your industry should all be carefully considered before posting or sharing digital content. Here are a few tips on navigating your digital marketing presence during COVID-19:

Be Mindful of Your Tone

The beauty of social media during this pandemic is its ability to build camaraderie through digital platforms. A change in routine, different work settings, and social distancing have been tough for many. But there is a level of hopefulness in knowing that we can and will continue to communicate with each other with the help of the internet. The tone conveyed by businesses and individuals has varied, but it is important to remain optimistic while not making light of the situation when navigating your digital marketing presence during this time. While all businesses are not expected to provide their two cents on the virus, there is nothing wrong with posting or sharing messages on the pandemic’s secondary effects that you do have some expertise on. To show solidarity, the Ironistic team shared our tips on working from home. With many employees moving to telework, we felt it was our duty to help out fellow workforce members and provide insights gained from working as a remote company. What tips or messages can your company share during this period of change and uncertainty?

campaign — their current effort to keep small businesses afloat. Through this campaign, any Uber Eats or any other food delivery customer who orders from a local restaurant in India can expect zero delivery fees.

Show Support for Other Businesses

Regardless of the industry you work in, several businesses are getting hit equally as hard — if not harder — as yours during this pandemic. Companies across the globe are utilizing social media to inform others of their current pain points due to the government’s mandatory shutdowns. Many small businesses are currently seeking loans to help cover payroll, bills, and fixed debts. Luckily, the power of the internet has helped spread messages from establishments in need. One of our clients, Annett Bus Lines, posted a Youtube video describing their total halt in revenue due to a 15-day suspension of motorcoach travel. With the help of customers, friends, and other organizations, the video was shared to the point where it grabbed the attention of Governor DeSantis. The Florida state governor was able to provide assistance to the motorcoach company, with a recognition of their need powered by shares, likes, comments, and posts.

In trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic, we must rally together and acknowledge priorities other than promoting business. Major companies are backing their workers and fellow small businesses by waiving fees on services, providing employees with sick leave, and offering free meals to those in need. For some inspiration on how you can make an impact, check out this list of fifty ways that companies are leading the charge in giving back during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inform Customers of COVID-19’s Effects on Your Industry

The continuation of business during this unprecedented ordeal varies across industries. Companies that conduct a good amount of business online have been able to shift to teleworking, while some small restaurants have resorted to shutting down temporarily. However, this pandemic is affecting your business or industry overall, be sure to share announcements with your customers. This could mean pinning a banner to your website, sending out an email blast, or posting on social media platforms. Notifying customers of your business’ current tweak of processes will relieve any panic they may have, and alert them of limitations in services before they decide to pick up the phone and inquire. Even if your business hasn’t seen much change as a result of the pandemic, it’s still a good idea to recognize this crisis and show your support for those who are ill. A simple email or social media post will remind customers that you have their backs — and that your company values much more than just its bottom line.

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