Rocky Horror Show live at Storyhouse Chester

More exhilarating than horrific. A fantastic spectacle of explicit theatre!

There were protesters pre show and there was a cosmopolitan crowd of theatre goers to say the least. You only witness such a thing when something is going to be inevitably controversial and that aspect did not disappoint! She says with a gasp and a strategic pause…

I thoroughly enjoyed this performance of The Rocky Horror Show. I find Richard O’Briens’ take on it a fresh revamp of an old time controversial classic. It felt up to date and retro all at the same time. The themes were the same as they’ve always been but this particular version was so professional, so well-acted and the production so well planned that it absolutely wowed the audience in each and every act of the show.

The Narrator (Phillip Franks) (Image: Richard Davenport)

We shall address the portrayal of the characters first as this is what made the show have such a dramatic effect on its audience. Dr Frank ‘N’ Furter (played by West End star Stephen Webb) had the wow factor in being able to affect his audience in such a dramatic way. I can’t imagine many to be able to pull off a character like Frank. You have to have a huge stage presence, charisma and that (je ne sais quoi) that no one can ever put their finger on! But this guy managed to do it. He was by far the glue that held the show together. But with him and a multitude of other fantastic actors playing these iconic characters the show couldn’t go wrong. It was thought provoking, attention grabbing and exhilarating from start to finish. 

The production of the show was seamless. The lights sounds and timing were impeccable. The stage scenes and costumes were amazing, the lighting, music and sound effects created the perfect ambiance for the show and its controversial themes. In other words all aspects of it are what made the show as amazing as it was.

I must also put in a mention of Philip Franks (Heartbeat, Absolutely Fabulous) playing The Narrator. He was the most comical and entertaining out of them all. I really appreciate a sarcastic and dry sense of humour and this guy had all of that and then some which was intertwined in his telling of the story. A genius comedic narrative can really make a show what it is. This brilliant performance only added to the already amazing production.

All I can say is no wonder it’s a world tour because that version of it will be well received in every country it visits. A truly brilliant and entertaining performance. Amazing! 

Top image credit: Janet (Joanne Clifton) and Brad (James Darch) Image: (David Freeman)


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