Radhika Gupta-Buckley: Using Art to Speak Up for the Silenced and Oppressed

Radhika Gupta-Buckley: Using Art to Speak Up for the Silenced and Oppressed

Artist Radhika Gupta-Buckley has a passion for creating vibrant and thought-provoking pieces that shine a light on cultural issues such as equality, gender bias, sexuality, race, and prejudice. 

Born and raised in Delhi, India, Gupta-Buckley’s upbringing was a perfect blend of East and West, which allowed her to experience new ideas and influences that would later inspire her artwork. After completing a law degree from the University of Oxford, she worked as an advocate at the Supreme Court of India and the UN in The Hague. However, Gupta-Buckley realized that she could use her creative side to speak louder than her legal voice; thus, her journey to becoming an artist began.

Gupta-Buckley names her grandfather, an exceptional lawyer who was always in service of people, as her biggest inspiration. As an artist, Gupta-Buckley aims to support and champion women who are too often not seen and not heard.

The artist’s career highlights include her first exhibition in Delhi, which changed everything for her and gave her the confidence to pursue art as a career. “After leaving my law career behind, I felt almost helpless to fix many issues and injustices in my country, so I began finding refuge in painting. I held my first exhibition in 2017, inaugurated by the Cultural Minister of India. I displayed almost 30 pieces – my life’s work! The response was hugely positive, and I’ve never looked back,” Gupta said. 

Gupta-Buckley has several upcoming projects over the next few months, including auctions and group shows.

On May 2, her work will be featured at the LREI Art Party and Auction at Lavan 541. Later that month, on May 11, Gupta-Buckley will showcase her pieces at the Lifeway Network non-profit gala at The University Club. 

On June 10th, her artwork will be displayed at The Glass House’s 2023 Summer Party. For those in Berlin, her work will be part of a group show at Schloss Gorne’s Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery on July 8-9. Finally, Gupta-Buckley will have a solo show at Band of Vices in LA starting on September 23 and running for four weeks. It’s clear that the artist has plenty to look forward to in the coming months, and her fans will be eagerly anticipating these upcoming exhibitions.

Gupta-Buckley’s art is inspired by the beauty of India and the various contradicting parts of her personality. Her creative process involves resolving these contradictions and pushing her creative boundaries to claim the things she likes aloud without fear of judgment. As she continues to be more fearless, Gupta-Buckley adopts a more vulnerable and overt way of interacting with the world, which shows in her work. Gupta follows a motto of “Always remain defiant and challenge the status quo. I am a risk-taker and always have been.”  

Through her art, Gupta-Buckley hopes to inform, educate, and enlighten on cultural issues and be a voice for the silenced and oppressed. As an artist, Gupta-Buckley is making a significant impact on the art world and beyond, and we can expect her to continue to challenge boundaries and inspire others to do the same.

To check out Radhika’s artwork, visit here.


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