Poised to Dominate 2023, Alomai Addams, star of The Donkey Girl is Ready

Poised to Dominate 2023, Alomai Addams, star of The Donkey Girl is Ready

Addams stars as a young Dutch Arabian girl Farouzi, in the short movie, The Donkey Girl. Addams plays a dreamer who works at a small fishers’ company where she only cares about her loyal donkey and does not care much about the boys she works with. The arrival of a mysterious girl starts her new adventure with her donkey Sofiane. Starting in 2023, Alomai pushes forward in a breakthrough adventure in Demons and Saviors, a true crime series by Hulu where she plays the lead role of Christina Boyer.

Who is Alomai Addams?

Alomai Addams is a Dutch star of Uruguayan descent born in 1994 in Amsterdam and the granddaughter of Jose Carbajal, a famous singer, guitarist, and composer. Starting her early childhood career at only three years old, she was well received starring in international commercials. Addams’ career propelled forward in 2006 with the indie film called the Donkey Girl, where she was scouted by Dutch Director, Ties Schenk, while she was playing tennis in a park. She won the Australian Audience Award for her lead role in the Donkey Girl.

The Uruguayan-Dutch actress, is 5’5” with thin brown hair. She loves horseback riding and singing while she enjoys shooting and other fitness sports.

Her Film and TV Career

A graduate of De Trap, a Dutch acting school where she specialized in Film and TV, Alomai played a small role in one of the episodes of a TV series adapted from the bestseller book, Boy. The series was taken up by CBS Studios as their international development program and was inspired by the life of Dutch-Moroccan star Mano Bouzamour. The show is about the star who becomes an overnight success and struggles with two different cultures and identities in Amsterdam.

The blockbuster star of Demons and Saviors, Addams, faced a lack of representation, similar to many performers from underrepresented areas. Addams once believed she couldn’t find anyone, anyplace, to provide a direct model for the profession she aspired to. Addams recalls telling her mother when she was a child that she wanted to become an actor. She said, “There’s nobody that looks like you — that seems absurd,” and gestured at a TV screen

Her first significant role was in Donkey Girl, where she showed her incredible acting skills at a small fishing company as an Arabian girl who has nothing to do with her colleagues, especially the boys she works with. She only works at the company to make ends meet and only cares for her trusted donkey Sofiane. This indie film was her first big break and due to her exceptional acting, earned her the Australian Audience Award where she was praised for her portrayal of a young and poor working girl.

Her latest big break is Demons and Saviors, in which she plays Christina Boyer. Demons and Saviors is the obsession with Christina Boyer covered in a three-part, short-lived true-crime series. Boyer rose to fame due to her adolescent telekinesis powers and the purported death of her newborn daughter when she was in her early 20s, a crime she insists she didn’t commit. The series tells the story of an unusual group of amateur detectives obsessed with freeing her.

What Alomai Addams Has to Offer?

The multifaceted performer is just starting to experience the kind of success that exemplifies the change she wants to see in the world as she gets ready for future parts in the television series Demons and Saviors. “I’m delighted to continue swinging the pendulum in all various directions and to develop extremely varied work that is startling at every turn,” Addams exclaims.

“Being the first person in your network to learn about the new hip actress in Hollywood has a certain power. When you start a new Netflix episode, you may notice an actress doing something fascinating. After that, you discover they’re not followed by anyone else you know on Instagram. That comes with a level of influence that is unmatched. But you know, it’s tough. There is a tonne of content available. And the time you have is limited. It’s not like you work here full-time.”

Since The Donkey Girl’s premiere was met with acclaim from both audiences and critics, Addams has been a hot topic. Despite this, she has been working on projects of different sizes for more than ten years. These include “Demons and Saviors” and a modest but captivating role in The Bestseller Boy.

What words of enlightenment would you impart to a person preparing to enter a stage for the first time?
“Being as well-prepared as will help you feel at ease and unfazed. Keep in mind to savor the simple things. The firsts you experience will stick with you forever and eventually become priceless memories.”

What do you enjoy best regarding acting?
“Being completely in the moment and experiencing the moment with another person, the subject matter, and myself. Outside of performances, I struggle to replicate this kind of gravitas.”
Adams has always had a passion for acting. But she didn’t have enlightenment until she was five when she turned down a part in a school play. “That “no” helped me realize that it is “yeah” for me, that I will pursue this incredible ambition for the rest of my life.” She swiftly corrects, “Well, what was once a fantasy is not anymore one. It is a fact.” Her conviction has only grown because of her ability to handle this position. “As an actor, I must give up control and have trust that all will work out as it should, and it did.”

How do you stay positive in between jobs?
“Removing any notion of someone being “in-between.” having trust that the times of solitude and silence bear fruit just as much as the times of enthusiasm and stimulus from without. And returning to my artistic practice when I’m not engaging with others.”
Addams claims she needs a new word since she is so overjoyed to be selected as one of Variety’s 10 Actors to Observe. “Overstatic? Are you thrilled?” she quips. “I feel delighted to be an Indigenous person on the list, contributing, and viewed in that way.”

What have you learned since starting that you wished you had known early on?
“Be more observant. Acting is about trying, exploring, and being curious. You can play no persona or situation in the “right” way. Enjoy yourself, do what you want, and then go on to the next thing. Never become stale.”

What Should a Rising Star Focus on For Her Future? What personality traits make GREAT ACTORS?
“Many people will find this question intriguing. What is it in some individuals that makes them such strong performers? Or at least possess the capacity to perform well. Knowing that many of you are curious about this issue, I decided to research what traits/personalities actually make for excellent performers.
I’m sorry; I realize you didn’t want to hear “patience, perseverance.” However, the reality is that nothing actually happens; professions, connections, and portfolios are all established over time. Be an artist, not a hack, to put it another way! This is your life’s job, not a Pyramid scheme to make quick money. Give it the respect it deserves.
“I think people occasionally don’t give enough thought to what they do. The reason I’ve done well is straightforward: I’ve worked my tail off. Making it appear as though something is simple is the hardest thing a performer can accomplish”. (Justin Timberlake)
One of those prominent surface characteristics that one would expect. It goes without saying that a performer will be endearing, dynamic, and charismatic. They have those natural party-loving dispositions, so you aren’t surprised when you learn that they are also actors. Because acting on stage or in front of the camera demands a certain degree of expressive energy, it should be obvious who has high-octane energy and the capacity to convey it on screen.
You can improve your acting abilities by expanding your imagination outside of performing. To explore alternative ways to observe the environment, try painting or drawing.
When you take on a new role and attempt to comprehend the character’s thought process, this may be helpful to you. Additionally, improving your imagination might make you more impulsively innovative, which is helpful when you need to improvise.
Making Connections and Relationships
Work with individuals you wish to remain colleagues with whenever possible.
Returning to the idea that this is a long-term endeavor, consider some outstanding actresses, filmmakers, and directors who consistently collaborate on projects. Having a “work family”—people you like, respect, can trust, and enjoy collaborating with—is crucial in this hectic industry. For years to come, hopefully, more outstanding and more significant projects.
“Don’t worry about achievement; work toward significance instead, and success will come easily.” Winfrey, Oprah”

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