Onyx Global Releases The World’s First Online Education 3.0 Learning Academy

A digital experience like no other, become a Master Learner with The Onyx Learner Academy.

USA – EdTech startup Onyx Global has launched The Onyx Learner Academy. This world-class digital educational experience teaches people how to learn efficiently & effectively for the rest of their lives. 

The program includes a course guidebook, educational videos, and interactive digital content that are the first demonstrated example of Education 3.0’s full potential. Onyx Global is building a global learning revolution through a network of partners across America, Asia, and Africa.

The Onyx Learner Academy equips learners, in any field, with the tools they need to learn any topic on their own. It strategically teaches learners how to develop self-determined learning skills that will last throughout their lives.

“I built Onyx Learner Academy during this semester as a side project for my university students because I know most students have not been prepared to learn online successfully, and they need help. They told me that they understood for the first time why they should learn for themselves, not only for grades or others. From kindergarten to postgrad, I was never offered a class that taught me how to be an effective learner. OLA provided this learning experience for my students during the hottest parts of the 2020 lockdowns, and now we are making it available to the world.” 

– Christopher Kelly, Founder and CEO

Through a ground-breaking 9-Step Process, students learn how to position themselves for lifelong personal and professional growth, create a personal curriculum, self-assess, and hold themselves and the world around them accountable during their journeys. 

Learning should be accessible, affordable, and adaptable to your needs, and at $100, The Onyx Learner Academy is all three. Visit to enroll today.


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About Onyx Global

Onyx Global’s Founder, Christopher Kelly (CK), is a doctoral-level learning expert and lifelong learning generalist who strategically and systematically adds new domains to his talent stack year after year.

CK is dedicated to working toward every learner’s access to the best knowledge and educational resources humanity has to offer. Onyx Global is his first step on that journey. Connect with CK on LinkedIn: or Instagram:

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