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Six Sigma Trade is offering attractive perks never before witnessed in any Network Marketing Company. This innovative company offers daily and weekly payouts to its shareholders, as well as trips overseas and expensive motor vehicles such as the Porsche 911 Gt3. 

As an AI based company, Six Sigma Trade deals specifically with Forex, Crypto and Robot/AI trading. It is headed by a phenomenal lady,  Sura Bianca who possesses extensive knowledge and experience in trading and crypto currency. 

While Six Sigma Trade is a global company, its headquarters is located at 157 Lambton Quay Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

Six Sigma Trade is leading the way in Network Marketing and here are the reasons why: 

  1. Six Sigma Trade is not just a regular Joe in the Forex and Crypto currency market. This company offers all of nine (9) ways of accumulating income. Never has this ever happened before with any other company.
  2. It is a very transparent company so there are no hidden fees or tricks. It has 100% trust score in and is listed on as an A+ Grade Company.
  3. Six Sigma Trade has affordable packages ranging from $99 to $19,999 and there are no activation fees.
  4. It is the first ever escrow service in the history of network marketing
  5. It’s CEO is visible, unlike the CEOs in most  trading companies
  6. Six Sigma Trade empowers every trader to master the art of Forex Trading, Crypto Trading, and Robot Trading 
  7. It’s International Advisory Council assists stakeholders in legal activities in their country or region
  8. Investors have access to the six sigma e-wallet where they can transfer and deposit funds at any time  at a small charge of 1-5%
  9. Investors can make payment anytime using Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Stellar coin, Lite coin, or Sigma wallet.

If you are into trading, then you are well aware that Crypto is a volatile market. However, on a daily basis, Six Sigma’s stakeholders earn anywhere between 5% and 100% profit.  This is because the experienced experts at Six Sigma provides the necessary support that allows investors to take advantage of the volatility within the crypto market by utilizing strategies that are low risk yet have a high chance of success.

Six Sigma Trade also assists its members by using AI based solutions particularly in Forex trading. If you or your business have currency needs, then Six Sigma Trade is the right company for you. Remember Forex is the world’s most liquid financial market, presenting an average traded value of more than $6.6 TRILLION daily so you do not want to speculate on the wrong direction of any particular pair of currency movements.

One of the most important things to note about Six Sigma is that they possess one of the world’s smartest AI-based trading robots known as AIFA. AIFA is uniquely capable of making smart investment decisions on autopilot, without human/trader interference. With AIFA you never have to worry about significant losses wreaking financial havoc on your investments, so even if you have no trading experience at all, AIFA will empower you (and all levels of investors) to spark attractive profits, while avoiding significant losses. This is because AIFA carefully analyses the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets, searching for trends and top trade opportunities. 

Let us take a closer look at AIFA and how it can impact your trading positively.

  1. With AIFA, trading rules can be back tested. This involves applying trading rules to historical market data in order to determine if they are viable. 
  2. AIFA does not have emotions. This makes it the perfect robot for Forex traders who are nervous about placing an order, as well as those who tend to buy and sell sporadically. 
  3. Discipline and consistency are among AIFA’s main features. It requires a lot of discipline to remain consistent when trading Forex. Discipline is preserved as AIFA’s preset plan is followed precisely.
  4. With AIFA, trading can be diversified. This allows the risk to be spread over a variety of instruments and creates a hedge against losing positions. AIFA is capable of searching markets for trading opportunities and monitor different trades as well.
  5. Order entry speed is improved. AIFA can generate an order immediately. Financial markets can move at lightning speed and humans can miss out on a trade because they didn’t act fast enough. 
  6. AIFA can monitor and trade multiple currency pairs and trading accounts simultaneously and have it done accurately.

The benefits do not stop there however, with Six Sigma, because this company takes the interest of its stakeholders so seriously, that it offers them a total of nine avenues in which they can generate huge sums of revenue.  Take a look at these ways:

  1. ROI income. ROI is normally released midnight (12:00 AM) New Zealand Standard Time on weekdays. However a 14 days incubation period is required to drop ROI Income and it has a validity of 1 year.
  1. Binary Commission. To receive a Binary Commission you need to activate your Binary. To do that, you need two (2) direct referrals. You will then earn an additional percentage of your Pay Leg.
  1. Direct Commission. Direct commission is paid every time someone uses your referral link to join Six Sigma. Six Sigma then pays 50% of your referral Business Points (Bps).
  1. Royalty Commission. This commission is generated from the weekly ROI of the direct members. 
  1. Myriad Share Bonus. The Myriad Share is distributed to users who have more than 10,000 Business Points in Pay Leg. Every 10,000 Business Points is worth 1 share. The Myriad Share makes up 1% of the company’s total earnings and is divided equally amongst the relevant shareholders.
  1. Hall of Fame share bonus. The Hall of Fame is 1% of the company’s income, equally divided between users in each club 
  1. Presenter Bonus. The Presenter Bonus is given when a new user fills out the “Presenter” field on the registration form by providing the username of an existing Six Sigma user. 
  1. Escrow Income. Six Sigma’s Escrow Service allows a user to create a promotion where users need to achieve certain goals to receive an award.
  1. Ranks and Rewards. Six Sigma Trade offers a wide range of attractive ways through its Ranks and Rewards program in which customers can gain wealth. These are listed below:
  • To be awarded a bronze executive badge, 2,000 points are required in pay leg.
  • If you have 5,000 points in pay leg, you will be given a silver executive badge.
  • If you have 10,000 points in pay leg, your reward will be an Apple Macbook Air in addition to a gold executive badge valued at $1000
  • If you have 50,000 points in pay leg, your reward will be a foreign trip for 2 plus Platinum Executive Badge valued at $3,000
  • If you have 200,000 points, you will get a Chevorlet Trax in addition to palladium executive badge worth $10,000
  • 800,000 Points will get you a Nissan X-Trail SV plus Rhodium Executive Badge valued at $30,000
  • 2 Million Points will get you a Toyota Land Cruiser GX.R plus Plutonium Executive Badge worth $70,000
  • For 4 Million Points and 4 Directs Palladium Executives, you will be rewarded a Porsche 911 Gt3 plus Painite Executive Badge Worth of $3,00,000
  • If you have 10 Million Points and 4 Directs Rhodium Executives, you will be rewarded with Penthouse and Tritium Executive Badge worth $10,000. 


If you wish to get involved in Forex, Crypto and Robot/AI trading, there is no other place to look than Six Sigma Trade. It is guaranteed that the benefits you will receive being associated with Six Sigma, will not be given to you anywhere else. AIFA will take care of your Forex trading needs and should you be faced with legal issues, their learned attorneys will be more than happy to assist you. Most importantly, Six Sigma is customer-focused and executes its functions with the highest level of  transparency. It is a company built on trust . So sit back, relax and watch your investments grow rapidly with Six Sigma. 

If you require additional information on Six Sigma’s products and services, be sure to check out their website at


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