My journey into the CBD world

So, like many of the people in this world I am new to CBD oils. I have smoked marijuana before but never considered that it would be used for anything more purposeful than enjoying college life. Yet now, moving on through each year, I am becoming typical of the mid-forties demographic. Though I class myself as in good shape and reasonable fit, getting up quickly isn’t quite as easy as it once was, nor is doing anything as quickly as I once did.

In the last couple months I have had stiffness and discomfort in my knuckles. Arthritis I wonder? The same in my big toe joint, from barefoot running possibly. Who knows? However, what I do know is that the noise coming from the CBD corner is making me take notice. My ears are fully pricked up and my brain is engaged and I want to know ‘Can this make me feel 20 again?’ Wishful thinking perhaps. So, embarking on my journey with nothing more than a twinkle in my eye and a fresh cappuccino at my side, I open my laptop and start researching.

….Some time later I emerge.

Well, if there was ever a more ambiguous marketplace I would be very surprised! There are so many mixed messages you need a code breaker to make heads or tails of it all. Sleuthing around the web uncovers the UK governments stance, which is saying that, on the one hand cannabis medicine is legal yet nobody can really get their hands on it, and on the other they are saying the CBD Oils market is under review and all manufacturers/purveyors of said hemp extracts must adhere to what seem unorthodox rules. Firstly, they state that manufacturers and retailers must ensure customers are made aware that CBD is a food supplement and has no tangible benefits which can be talked about. This also includes marketing products to potential CBD hungry baby boomers who have suffered in health and are looking for the next panacea.

Another key factor outlined in UK CBD oils manufacturing and retail, is that products must contain none of the ‘fun’ ingredients which are seen to get you high. THC (the key psychoactive compound found in cannabis/hemp) can be present but it must be less than 0.2% which is classed as trace and will not offer the slightest mind-altering effect, even to the most hopeful of us.

So it seems that companies have to try to market their products without saying it works because they can’t, because one of the rules states, ‘you can’t mention it has any benefits’. The first thing that springs to mind is ‘Remember the first rule of CBD club! Don’t talk about CBD club.’ (A quote for movie fans out there)

Having discovered all these nuances, which make buying or selling in this industry a minefield, it becomes all the more clear and simultaneously unclear at the same time.

And if that isn’t confusing enough, how is an average Joe like me supposed to find a product to help if nobody can speak about it?

But tenacious I am, so after further time spent locked into full research mode, I came to a conclusion. And, out of that conclusion, a plan.


If this research has shown me anything it’s shown me that CBD does seem to have some really noteworthy benefits. There are numerous studies published and others underway which all sing praises from the rooftops in the most part, of how amazing it is for literally hundreds of conditions. These range from minor benefits to the astounding. So, confident that it’s going to help me feel as revved up as a 17 year old with a new car and 100,000 Instagram followers, I continue on my three step plan to success.

But first, I hunker down for research phase 3.0. Some time later…..

I discovered that there is a lot more to consider when buying a CBD oil; Does the company have a track record with good reviews? Is there content on their website to help in understanding their products? Are there lab tests for their products? Do they offer UK based support? This is a lot for the everyday, happy shopper to process. In fact, they probably wouldn’t. So, it is hardly a surprise to hear so many people are still on the fence in regards to trying it successfully.

Having calculated the time and energy I have spent researching this, I would recommend booking a week off work and life; preferably go somewhere away from the kids just to ensure you have the mental space and clarity to digest everything. Then you’ll be ready to buy CBD too, right?

So, after all this discovery what did I do next?  Well I did what most people probably did. I spoke to friends and actually got a product that was recommended. Did I need to do all that research? Probably not. I hugely over-egged the work I needed to do to make a decision but that’s just me. On reflection, I could have skipped to the end, passed go and collected my CBD with much the same outcome.

I do feel slightly more enthused however, about the positives it has in store for me going forward. One takeaway is ‘all CBD’s are not created equal’ and if one doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean another won’t.  Maybe I’ll become the next Benjamin Button and get younger with each day.

We can only hope. Anyway, time to go, I’ve got some parkour I need to go do.

“Since writing this I discovered and used a UK brand ‘Cannaflo’ (by way of recommendation). They have high strength products, use organic ingredients and are showing notable and very positive results for me thus far.  I’ve been most impressed with their range of products. Good luck and enjoy your journey.



Author: Charles Costelloe  @MrCostello


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