Ms. Bunny Daniels – Mute

Ms. Bunny Daniels – Mute

Ms. Bunny Daniels – Mute

Nov 29 

Written By Which Coast


Ms. Bunny Daniels is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. A multitalented artist, Daniels sings, dances, acts and writes, all the while entertaining with her awesome style of music, fusing elements of Pop, R&B and Gospel. We have previously listened to Daniels’ single, “Freak” and today we are back to check out her latest, “Mute”!

“Mute” is a rather short song, clocking in at just one minute and six seconds in length but it dazzles nonetheless. The song starts off with Daniels being swarmed by the paparazzi – a great attention-grabbing start. Daniels’ vocals are both powerful and beautiful in this song, absolutely capturing the spotlight with an infectious vocal melody. I really like the instrumental as well, especially how it really sets the stage for Daniels’ singing to shine. All of these positive elements combined with its short length make it a great song to listen to on repeat!

One thing you can easily tell from listening to Ms. Bunny Daniels’ music is that she is very passionate about her craft; “Mute” gives you a great look into who she is as an artist while showcasing her talents in a big way. You can keep up with Ms. Bunny Daniels through TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Check out “Mute” embedded below and find it on your favorite platform


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