Margarita Shamrakova Music School is taking New York by storm with her unique approach to teaching

Margarita Shamrakova Music School is taking New York by storm with her unique approach to teaching

Award-winning Singer Songwriter and Pianist Margarita Shamrakova has produced music that reaches deep within the soul, leaving it begging for more. 

After spending over 15 years also giving back to the community by teaching the next generation to play the piano, become better songwriters and accomplished vocalists, she has now founded the Margarita Shamrakova Music School. From her early beginnings in Ukraine to making her home in the New York metropolis, her cultural melting pot of influences has seen her win out at the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.Working with some of the biggest songwriting talent in the recording industry has allowed her to develop a unique approach to learning music specifically aimed at children. 

Students will experience the full musical journey including song creation, arrangement, practical lessons, music theory and music history. 

So that students can feel safe and free to express themselves as they discover their inner spirit, Margarita also offers in-home one-on-one or group lessons. 

Nurturing the talents of the artists of the future is an ambition that sits comfortably alongside her own recording career. Finding those moments that can change a song from the ordinary to the spectacular are also what she searches for in her classes. A mentor and teacher that brings out the best in her pupils, she understands that there is always something within everyone’s repertoire to make music that people will adore. 

Her list of achievements in the recording space speaks volumes in and of itself but combined with her long career guiding students to become better versions of themselves, she is an artist that adds to the world of music with an unsurpassed energy and dedication. Enroll at her school and discover a place where music reigns.


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