Lundys Hair Care – Hair Supplement For Hair Loss Women And Men

Lundys Hair Care – Hair Supplement For Hair Loss Women And Men

About this item 

  • 9 OUT OF 10 USERS SATISFIED – In a recent study 9/10 users noticed a marked decrease in hair loss and an increase in hair volume over several months. Best results when taken 4 times a day with water. This formula has natural DHT blocker and works to activate the hair follicle to promote new growth of hair in both women and men.  
  • THICKER, FULLER, GORGEOUS HAIR – Lundys formula is the exact formula developed by Adelle Davis the 10 million best selling nutritional author who is named in Wholefoodsmagazine as the “Mother of Nutrition”. When writing her bestselling books while still working full time with medical doctors to use nutrition to help their patients her own hair started to turn grey and fall out due to stress and overwork. She developed a formula and used it to grow her own hair back.  
  • MEDICAL GRADE UK FACILITY – Manufactured in one of the oldest vitamin facilities in the South of England with state of the art clean rooms. All highest quality ingredients tested for purity and highest level of quality control. The vitamins that will grow your hair back are the most active form of the vitamins for ease of assimilation.  
  • NATURAL DHT BLOCKER – The blend of Biotin for hair loss prevention and Lions Mane extra concentrated will help prevent hair thinning and allow hair to grow back healthier and stronger. Most active form of the hair loss supplement will result in thicker hair at the root.  
  • 100 SMALL CAPSULES EASY TO SWALLOW – highly concentrated ingredients with no artificial filler or binders or additives mean that the entire contents of the vegetable capsule are purely active ingredients that allow smaller capsules. One bottle will last 25 days if you take the recommended 4 capsules daily.  
  • REVERSE HAIR LOSS – More than just Hair Skin and Nails vitamins and far more concentrated than gummies for hair loss, these capsules contain over 10 times more active ingredients than the vitamin gummies designed for hair growth. 



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