Janette Lart’s fantasy novel “Home, casa” is on bestseller lists.

Janette Lart’s fantasy novel “Home, casa” is on bestseller lists.

Janette Lart’s “Home, casa”, which tells the story of a freshwater fish’s journey to the depths of the Mediterranean, appeals to the very young, but not only.

The author has used the right ingredients to construct a story rich in values. The protagonist immediately reveals his diversity. He is a talking fish, vegan, born in an aquarium and alone, without the family of origin from which he was separated. And that’s not all: his best friend is a male fish who will turn into a female, he meets a family of hippocampi and discovers that the male is expecting young and not the female. Finally, he falls in love with a starfish promised to another.

It seems that we must learn from fish, or rather from underwater creatures.

‘Home, casa’ is not just a beautiful story about rediscovering family.
It is a book that documents the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea that washes the coast of Sicily, an island in the south of Italy, the country where the author lives.

It is a book that descends through imagination into the depths of the reader’s heart to leave a mark of encouragement and joy.

It is the story of a friendship that grows, of good feelings that prevail over everyday difficulties, of respect for diversity, with brief references to respect for the environment, gender diversity and resilience. 

It is the story of a heroine, Celeste, who does not give up, who goes out of her way to help her fish friend who feels displaced from its world.

A middle-grade fantasy, it will also be welcomed by those who do not like lengthy descriptions and appreciate something that tastes fresh and genuine.


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