Inspirational Songwriter DANILA SIGAL, launches new single “I KNOW I TRIED”

Inspirational Songwriter DANILA SIGAL, launches new single “I KNOW I TRIED”

Renowned inspirational composer, corporate leader, and author, DANILA SIGAL, unveils her highly anticipated discographic release for 2024, titled “I KNOW I TRIED” featuring the extraordinary vocal talent of BARIDA.

The collaboration marks a significant turning point in BARIDA’s musical journey, inspired by the profound impact of SIGAL’s motivational content which she discovered on Instagram, prompting her to initiate contact.

BARIDA’s resilience shines through her return to music after a transformative four-year hiatus dedicated to studying Psychology. SIGAL’s empowering musical creations became a catalyst, reigniting BARIDA’s artistic passion and steering her back into the realm of melodies and emotions.

I KNOW I TRIED” is a carefully curated piece, chosen by SIGAL from her own vast musical catalog, to embody the universal theme of persisting in the pursuit of dreams, even when faced with challenges and obstacles. The track resonates with a powerful message of determination and tenacity.

Hailing from diverse cultural roots with a rich artistic legacy, BARIDA’s ancestry traces back to German, Russian, and authentic Aryan heritage. Her familial ties to music run deep, with a grandmother who served as a soloist in Russian churches, and a great-grandfather skilled in piano and organ craftsmanship.

The tapestry of BARIDA’s musical background weaves through her early introduction to singing classes at the age of three, exploration of classical music at fifteen, and her current recordings of “covers”, that span multiple languages. Her captivating voice, inherited from her vocally gifted mother and grandmother, showcases a diverse range of influences.

I KNOW I TRIED” not only marks a musical collaboration but symbolizes the fusion of talent, of artistic heritage, and the shared passion for inspiring others.

DANILA SIGAL, a two-times International Songwriting Competition (ISC) Winner and a Susan Komen “Faces of Warriors” Honoree, together with BARIDA, invite listeners to join them on a journey of resilience, personal growth, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams through the artistry of “I KNOW I TRIED“.


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