Inspirational Songwriter DANILA SIGAL, launches new album “NOSTALGIA”

DANILA SIGAL, is an inspirational songwriter, producer, author, speaker, a Susan Komen’s Foundation “Faces of Warriors” Honoree, a Two-Times International Songwriting Competition (ISC) Honorable Winner, and former Global corporate executive from powerhouse Procter & Gamble, whom unfolded from a metastatic cancer diagnosis has dedicated over a decade to the creation of a motivational musical catalogue, filled with reflections from her healing journey. 

Her discography (with over 3 million combined streams across platforms), now brings us a very special production. “NOSTALGIA” is the result of a two-year journey, as a tribute to her father, a conservatory-trained prodigy of his time, whose lifelong encouragement ignited her passion for classical concerts and employing music as an outlet for catharsis. Being a Holocaust survivor, her father taught her the following phrase: “don’t let others tell you the end of your story“.  Danila says that in moments of difficulty we do not have to accept a discouraging outlook, rather, we can dignify our suffering, transforming it into inner strength.

The realization of this captivating and complex recording project under the vision and direction of DANILA SIGAL, was made possible with the collaboration, experience, and unwavering commitment of the talented producer and Latin Grammy winner, JORGE DAHER, whom together with a team of musicians, including guitarist extraordinaire Daniel Gomez (DAGO), sopranos Karla Centeno & Stef PalSig, and contralto Danila Sigal herself, surfaced an album drenched in modernized versions of grandiose pieces by Rachmaninov, Bach, Tchaikovsky among others, as well as one original composition by Danila Sigal, in the hope to increase appreciation for classical masterpieces among the younger audience. 

The release comes accompanied by a full-album video production developed by CNC Creations for Sigal Productions, which gives us the full audiovisual experience to help us navigate this superb musical gem. 



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