Have you bloomin’ heard of this coffee shop?

Bloom & Bean opened their doors in July this year. Located in the heart of the business district, you will find them on Victoria Street. You cannot miss them with their eye catching shop front, which just shouts out for a quick snap on your Instagram feed.

The totally cute, floral and minimalist vibes will draw you in. You will you sipping upon one of their speciality lattes in no time. Whether it is a Rose & Beetroot, Blueberry & Lavender or Matcha & Cinnamon, you will be spoilt for choice. The interior of the coffee shop is a delight with its black and white floor tiles, floral décor and tranquil colours. It is small, yet super cute.

Photo credit: @Bloomnbean

The selection of cakes are dreamy and totally need to be on your Instagram feed. Oh and vegans, there is also an option for you too. Keep your eye out for the ‘Salted Caramel Cake’ however for the non-vegans we will say that the highly popular ‘Nutella croissant’ looks incredible, so make sure you arrive early, so you are not disappointed.

At the moment, they are currently working on several ideas for food such as a ‘Waffle Wednesday’. In which you can indulge on waffles at a special price of two for the price of one, so you cannot really say no. Before you even ask, Bloom & Bean are also working on a special recipe just for you vegans, how exciting. We would highly recommend following their social media accounts to keep up to date with that.

Photo credit: @Bloomnbean

As a business, they are a local independent business and source their coffee locally using ‘Crosby Coffee’. The business itself are working towards becoming more sustainable in the future, by replacing their plastic cutlery to wooden alternatives and have already been using biodegradable cups for their take away drinks.

Photo credit: @Bloomnbean

I personally think that this coffee shop is one to look out for in the future. Their popularity amongst bloggers already and with their exciting plans with new menu launches and events.

Bloom and Bean are open every single day from 8am until 4pm. Make sure you try one of their beautiful lattes or stop by for some refreshing detox water. It is the perfect to cure those hangovers on a Sunday morning.

These are definitely coffees made with love and isn’t that what we all need.

Find Bloom & Bean on social media:

IG: @Bloombean and Facebook: bloomandbeanliverpool


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