Giovannie Espiritu’s “Ultra-Feminist” Song Receives Widespread Acclaim

Giovannie Espiritu’s “Ultra-Feminist” Song Receives Widespread Acclaim

Giovannie Espiritu’s “Ultra-Feminist” Song Receives Widespread Acclaim

Giovannie Espiritu’s latest single, “Ultra-Feminist,” is making a significant impact in the music world, garnering praise from major platforms including Tunepical, Daily Music Spin, Certified Bop, and Tempo Stub. The song, characterized by its vibrant disco-funk rhythms and pop sensibilities, is celebrated for its bold feminist message and artistic innovation.

Stereo Stickman commended “Ultra-Feminist” for being “fearless and fun, focused and loaded with historical purpose and contemporary freedom alike,” calling it a “disco-funk and pop anthem that’s everything its title intends for it to be.” Certified Bop described the song as “a triumph of indie music, blending sharp social commentary with heartfelt emotion.” Tempo Stub praised Espiritu’s “innovative approach and unwavering commitment to authenticity,” labeling “Ultra-Feminist” a “must-listen for anyone passionate about social justice.”

Giovannie Espiritu, a versatile artist known for her impactful work in both music and film, continues to use her platform to promote social justice and elevate Filipino representation.

Espiritu, a bisexual, once-undocumented immigrant Filipina mom, has a compelling personal story that includes spending her teenage years in a Biblical doomsday cult. She is a strong advocate for domestic violence awareness and LGBTQ equality, participating in organizations such as C.O.R.A. and ALLICE. Recognized as one of the “Most Influential Filipina Women in the World” by the Filipina Women’s Network, Espiritu is also working on several film projects: “Love and Karma,” in post-production; “Maid To Shine,” a series in development at the FilAmTV Network; and her own personal documentary, “Into the Mother Land.”

In addition to her musical achievements, Giovannie Espiritu will be celebrating her Telly award-winning film “Legacy” at the Feminist Border Film Festival in Las Cruces, New Mexico at the end of June.

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