Gavin & Stacy Dinner Experience

Dinner Theatre with a dose of Comedy

So your sitting having an elegant 3 course dinner and you realise your sat in the middle of a wedding reception that you didn’t know you were invited too! This is the theme we encounter at The Gavin and Stacy dinner experience. 

A delicious meal to tickle your taste buds and a dose of comedy to tickle you with laughter at the same time. They had all the trappings of an actual wedding! The speeches. The First Dance. The Speeches! The Bouquet Toss. How marvellous that it was set round the theme of a wedding. When you think about it the top table is always on show at a wedding like they are the entertainment for every one to observe! Well this was definitely the case here. We got to see all the usual shenanigans that make up this hilarious quick witted comedy. The portrayal of the characters was brilliant. I was intrigued to see how similar they were to the real thing and they didn’t disappoint. They actually brought new quirks to the table. New anecdotes and new idiosyncrasies made it feel fresh and new but with a retro twist. My favourite character portrayal was Gavin. He was just so enthusiastic! Even more so than the real Gavin. I loved how similar Nessa was to the one on the show and her costume was the exact same detailing. You’d bet good money on her being the real thing! 

I loved how the performances played out like A real wedding. So all the performances happend as a real wedding would. Which made it so entertaining!

The meal was wonderful. A very neutral menu made up of firm favourites. Soup, then the meat and two veg for the main and then a classic cake for dessert. They created a menu that would be enjoyed by all. The same way that a wedding menu would be decided upon. 

I highly recommend this dinner experience for night out with a difference. Not only do you get a great meal and great service but you get a spectacular evening of entertainment at the same time with an abundance of laughs to accompany your soup!

Carolyn Anderson


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