Francesco Vitali: From Message to Success – Empowering Connections through Rent a Cyber Friend’s Revolutionary Platform!

Francesco Vitali: From Message to Success – Empowering Connections through Rent a Cyber Friend’s Revolutionary Platform!

Francesco Vitali, a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, self-made multimillionaire, and executive producer with over 30 years of experience in business, has released his new best-selling book “Message for Success.” This book serves as a daily guide for entrepreneurs, featuring motivational and inspirational quotes from successful leaders worldwide. It offers practical advice and insights to help entrepreneurs succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Vitali started his career in the entertainment industry, working with various artists and producers. As he explored opportunities outside of entertainment, he became a successful entrepreneur. His book shares his lessons about resilience, adaptability, and taking calculated risks.

You began your career in the entertainment industry, working alongside renowned artists and producers. What led you to transition into entrepreneurship?

Francesco Vitali: Working in entertainment was an incredible experience that allowed me to collaborate with talented individuals. However, many years ago, I decided that I would like to be on “backstage” instead of on the “Spotlight”. My entrepreneurial spirit was more potent and pushed me to explore new avenues beyond entertainment. I wanted to build something of my own and make a broader impact. That drive led me to establish successful ventures outside of the entertainment industry.

Failure is often seen as a setback, but you view it differently. How has failure shaped your journey, and what lessons have you learned from it?

Francesco Vitali: Failure has played a significant role in my entrepreneurial journey. Rather than seeing it as a roadblock, failure is a stepping stone to success. Each failure brings invaluable lessons and opportunities for growth. It has taught me resilience, adaptability, and learning from mistakes. Embracing and using failure as a catalyst for improvement has been crucial in my path to success.

I hold a different perspective in a world where many individuals focus on flaunting their success and wealth. Promoting such materialistic achievements sends the wrong message, especially when so many struggle. Instead, I strive to be a source of guidance and mentorship for those who seek to learn from my experiences. I emphasize the importance of avoiding mistakes and building a solid foundation in business and life.

Throughout my journey, I have encountered numerous challenges and made millions of mistakes. However, these experiences have provided invaluable lessons that I’m eager to share with others. By following my guidance, individuals can learn from my missteps and avoid repeating the same errors I made.

Intelligence lies in learning from the mistakes of others. Therefore, I encourage individuals to approach me as a mentor, knowing that through my guidance, they can gain insights to help them navigate their paths to success. By embracing the wisdom from my mistakes and lessons, they can make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary setbacks on their entrepreneurial journeys.

As a business person, do you believe in romance? How do you perceive romance in everyday moments, and what sets these moments apart?

Francesco Vitali: Absolutely, I believe in romance wholeheartedly. Romance is not limited to extravagant displays or specific settings. It can be found in the simplicity of everyday moments shared with loved ones. It’s about the thoughtfulness and effort put into creating meaningful connections. Whether engaging in a heartfelt conversation, surprising someone with a thoughtful gesture, or simply spending quality time together, these actions hold the power to make moments unique and romantic.

It’s important to note that being immersed in the business world means paying attention to life’s beauty. Embracing love and romance can enhance creativity, inspiration, and even success. Love is a powerful force that can fuel our endeavors and bring out our best. It reminds us to keep space and cherish moments that evoke the highest feelings of love and joy. By nurturing our relationships and allowing romance to thrive, we can lead more fulfilling lives, both personally and professionally.

You’ve built a successful life and career in the United States. Could you share your experiences and thoughts on your opportunities and challenges? 

Francesco Vitali: The United States has played a significant role in shaping my life and career, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities it has offered me. This country embraces and nurtures entrepreneurship, providing an environment where hard work is recognized and rewarded. The promise of the American Dream has been a driving force that fueled my motivation and determination.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that building a life and career in a new country comes with challenges. Adapting to a different culture, establishing a support network, and navigating unfamiliar territories were obstacles I encountered along the way. Despite these challenges, the United States has been a place where self-belief, resilience, and perseverance have the potential to lead to remarkable success.

It is an honor to call the United States my home and to have become a proud American citizen. This country has supported my dreams and helped broaden my horizons and expand my perspective. The opportunities I’ve been afforded here have been instrumental in shaping my journey, and I’m grateful for the open-mindedness and support I have received.

Leadership plays a crucial role in entrepreneurship. How has your approach to leadership evolved, and what key lessons have you learned?

Francesco Vitali: Early on, I tended to be hands-on and micromanaged. However, gaining more experience, I realized the importance of delegation and trust. Building a successful venture requires a team effort, and empowering and trusting your team members is essential. Creating a culture of trust, encouraging diverse perspectives, and fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered leads to collective success.

Your book, “Message for Success,” has garnered much attention. Please give us some insights into its inspiration and what readers can expect.

Francesco Vitali: “Message for Success” was inspired by my journey and the valuable lessons I’ve learned. It serves as a daily guide for entrepreneurs, featuring motivational quotes, practical advice, and insights from successful leaders worldwide. Readers can expect inspiration, motivation, and practical guidance on resilience, adaptability, taking calculated risks, and surrounding themselves with supportive and inspiring individuals. This book aims to empower entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals.

One quote that resonates deeply with me is, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” … by Winston Churchill. This quote encapsulates the essence of perseverance and resilience. It reminds us that success is not a destination but a continuous journey, and failure should not deter us from pursuing our dreams. The courage to keep going, even in the face of obstacles, truly matters.

Now you are the CEO of, tell us about this fantastic new platform. Can you provide us with a comprehensive understanding of and how it differentiates itself from its competitors?

Francesco Vitali: is a pioneering platform that addresses the challenges of loneliness, isolation, and the human need for connection in today’s digital era. What sets us apart from competitors is our strong emphasis on user safety and a digitally focused experience centered around encrypted video calls as the primary means of communication. This sets us apart from other platforms, primarily focusing on business services or encouraging in-person meetings with unfamiliar individuals.

We recognized the importance of creating a secure and genuine online space where people can connect, communicate, form lasting friendships, and have the freedom to earn on their terms. By leveraging technology to overcome geographical barriers and facilitate meaningful interactions, has emerged as a trailblazer in this domain.

Can people open a profile and start working from wherever they are?  

That’s correct! is the new platform where remote work and virtual friendships converge dynamically and empoweringly. You can unlock opportunities and build meaningful connections while working from home, from the mountains, the sea, your hotel, or anywhere you choose. It is a revolutionary platform that combines remote work opportunities with virtual friendships and breaks away from traditional work routines. It embraces a paradigm shift in remote work, allowing users to explore exciting gigs. It’s about the electrifying community that awaits you. Connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and embark on groundbreaking projects. Our platform fosters a supportive environment where you can learn from experienced individuals who have mastered the art of the digital hustle. You meet new friends who can help you conquer new frontiers and achieve unparalleled success in business and life. connects you with individuals who share your interests, whether you’re seeking a gaming buddy, a confidant to share your dreams or someone to geek out with. Our platform celebrates diversity and encourages authentic connections, allowing you to craft meaningful relationships in the virtual realm. has gained significant attention and popularity without explicit promotion, marketing, or advertising. Can you explain how the platform became viral and garnered widespread recognition?

Francesco Vitali: has indeed experienced remarkable growth without traditional marketing efforts. The platform’s viral success can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, there is a genuine and significant need for human connection in today’s society, particularly among the younger generation, who comprise most of our user base. Many young individuals seek opportunities to work remotely, earn income based on their availability, and connect with like-minded individuals who understand their experiences and challenges.

Secondly, our platform leverages the power of social media and word-of-mouth marketing. Social media platforms have played a pivotal role in spreading the word about, as satisfied users share their positive experiences and the meaningful connections they have established. This organic growth has created a ripple effect, substantially increasing users and generating buzz around the platform.

The uniqueness of itself has contributed to its viral success. By providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive space where individuals can find companionship, emotional support, cultural exchange, and personal growth, we have struck a chord with those who long for genuine connections in the digital age. This alignment between the platform’s mission and the users’ needs has driven its viral growth.

Thank you, Francesco, for sharing your valuable insights and experiences. Your expertise in communication and success is truly inspiring. We wish you continued success and the impact you make through your work.



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