London July 2020 – Kymono, a young and dynamic start-up is revolutionizing corporate identity and culture in the UK with sustainable products and outfits for companies, from start-ups to established brands with a made-to-measure experience.

Headquartered in Paris, Kymono is far more than a clothing customization service. It is first and foremost a design house. Kymono, as a start-up itself, understands that clothing is one of the essential elements in creating a successful brand and identity.

Kymono also understands that many companies don’t know where to start when designing and purchasing branded clothing for their teams. For this reason, it provides a service where the needs of each are taken into consideration, to hand-pick and create exactly what the company has envisioned. It also provides invaluable branding advice to companies looking to implement an insightful identity and culture strategy. 

“Style is unique to each of us, as it should also be unique for each company. The same way it is an expression of who you are as a person, it should be an expression of who you are as a company. That’s why we believe in the importance of creating a powerful image that your teams identify with, and together strive to build a unified and stronger culture,” explains Francisco Sá Dantas, country manager at Kymono UK.  

Culture is a continuously evolving and complex bubble, that if not properly looked after, it will become toxic and implode. The fact that culture has to be nurtured and curated is very often overlooked and the result of it is a negative long-term impact, that is unfortunately looming over every company in every industry. Kymono’s goals is to help companies find their own voice and help bring out their best possible culture, like a breath of fresh air.

Company by company, Kymono aims to raise awareness about the undeniable importance of culture, and to provide others with a different perspective on their own culture, values and even corporate sense of identity and belonging. With that in mind, the collaboration with Kymono becomes a way to make tangible their corporate values and identity, as a step towards developing the internal culture.

“It is vital for companies to establish their identity, and especially for those conscious of the importance of culture, branding is the way to go. It goes well beyond the company logo, culture is for a company what personality is to a person,” adds Francisco. 

Kymono selects trusted partners to support the design and manufacturing. All the prime materials used are organic and ethically-sourced, and customization takes place exclusively in factories in Europe. By using just in time smart manufacturing, the company does not need large warehouses to hold stock and only works from orders already placed. This allows it to keep order sizes small and affordable for start-ups.

Kymono’s catalogues cover well over 600 references, ranging from traditional clothing like t-shirts and sweatshirts to highly original sneakers and wearables! All customized exactly to a company’s image. The company already works with big household names in including Google, Airbnb, Curve, Trouva, Bulb as well as a 2000-client portfolio of innovative start-ups around Europe.

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