Cream Classics On The Waterfront

Cream Classics On The Waterfront

Euphoric, electric and haunting are the words that can only be used to describe one thing and that’s Cream Classics

Photo Credit: Anthony Mooney

Cream Classics is renowned for staging its event in great locations and this year was no exception. A superbly orchestrated stage that captured the panoramic view of the Liverpool Waterfront as the back drop. Amazing Lighting and Pyrotechnics are what add to the extremely well executed events produced by Cream as a brand with Cream Classical being the highlight in the calendar of those events. 

The live orchestra is absolutely superb at this event every single year without fail. When that haunting euphoric sound of the orchestra in complete harmony with the dance music begins to play it is complete euphoria. It is something you don’t get to experience or feel at other festivals. It really is like no other festival or music experience and it is hauntingly beautiful. It’s a sound that only classical instruments can create. There’s a depth to the music that reaches down as a far as the soul. 

The Classic Cream sets with their air of nostalgia are also what makes this event great. People remembering past euphoric moments they’ve had with these tracks adds to the atmosphere of excitement in the air. It’s the anticipated well known tracks that add that magic. When they play those first few beats of one of those anticipated songs from those nostalgic Cream nights of the past well, then the feeling in the air is simply electric. 

Photo Credit: Anthony Mooney

The people can’t help but anticipate their own excitement with pre meted joy. Half the success of any event is certainly the atmosphere in the air and the vibe in the crowd and it doesn’t get better than the vibe in the crowd at Cream Classics.

My absolute favourite is the timeless Faithless and I anticipated their performance all day. It doesn’t get more Classic Cream that “Insomnia” it is the poster child for the most well known of Classic Cream tracks and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Their light show was in perfect harmony with the live orchestra and it was just a show to be marvelled at. One that was truly unforgettable.

If you’ve never been to Cream Classics before and you were thinking about going I would recommend this to you more than any other dance event. You take away a lot more from this event than any other event in the dance festival calendar. It’s ineffable mix of euphoria and nostalgia give it something that other festivals may lack. Depth and beauty. It truly is a hauntingly beautiful experience with the setting, the orchestra and the music all playing a part in its appeal. An unforgettable experience every single time.

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