Christine Viviers takes on the role of ‘Nicole’ in Los Angeles Hit Play “On The Run”!

Christine Viviers takes on the role of ‘Nicole’ in Los Angeles Hit Play “On The Run”!

The astounding play “On the Run ” performed at Skiptown Playhouse Theater in Los

Angeles sold out every performance and we had to get the inside scoop here at Buzz


Lead Actress, Christine Viviers portrayed the character Nicole in the play ‘On the Run’.

The play revolves around the conflict of David and Genesis that are on the run from the

police! Meanwhile, can they help resolve tensions rising in the King family?

The play tells the audience what is happening instead of showing it. It is a testament to

Christine’s Performance that the story is still compelling, and freshly relevant. The

production also manages to find humor in Christine’s portrayal as Nicole and her

performance tells an entire story unto themselves. The story provides questions about

arrest in America and how it affects the people around them directly. It discusses how it

affects the family and people around them, a vital message portrayed in a humorous


About Christine Viviers:

Q: Christine, alright, let’s jump in with a deep one – what’s your definition for


Success can mean many things to different people. To me, success is being able to

live everyday focusing on things that you enjoy and make you happy. Even deeper,

success for me is training and working in the tv/film/theater industry, and having my own

space to focus on myself and my relationships. If I have the opportunity to do these

things throughout my day and be able to eat well, sleep under a roof and live one more

day, then I have everything to be grateful for. I am then successful. This, of course, does

not mean that I am not goal oriented and eager to achieve much more.

Q: We appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where

does your story begin?

I’m an Afrikaans girl who was born in Stellenbosch, South Africa; and grew up in a

township named “Kayamandi”. I laugh a lot, and I am someone with a very big dream.

I’m also a Child of God, as it is through him that I got my talent and why I am where I

am in life. Ever since I was little, I always wanted to act, be on stage, in front of the

camera and simply tell stories. My parents raised me with the idea that no dream is too

big, they play a big part in my story. They have always been extremely supportive and

encouraging every step of the way. I believe the reason I was put on earth is to tell

stories and fast forward a few years after graduating with my BFA in Acting at AMDA

and since then I now have the privilege to do that as a career.

What do you feel is more important for an actor, talent or training?

While talent is important, training and hard work are what set the successful actor apart

from many others who try and fail in this profession. No matter how talented you are,

training, practice, and hard work make you better. If you look at any notable actor’s

career, they spend a lot of time practicing their craft. The opportunity which resulted in

them becoming a great actor/actress was due to their hard work and persistence, not




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