Are You Smart Enough To Prioritize Starting A Passive Income

Are You Smart Enough To Prioritize Starting A Passive Income

that could replace then dwarf your job income? 

ProTip! A Passive Recurring Income For Under $60/WK.

By EarthAdvocate 6/10/2022pastedGraphic.png

Passive income: Is replacing your job income worth investing some of your weekly pay?

Would You Rather Passive Income? 

Wouldn’t everyone prefer to do something once and get paid for ever for it?

Well, that’s the Enticing Beauty of Passive Income.

Many people resign themselves to believing that Passive Income is beyond them, that it’s a world full of Scams. OH Contraire! That world, that reality, is actually where the Rich People live! 

Once your recurring income more than covers your recurring expenses 


Recurring Income is Very Desirable because those who obtain it can live however they wish. They have both the Time and Money for whatever they want.

Those that can see the HUGE value in that will set their goals to obtain a passive cash flow. It’s possible it’s just a matter of picking THAT as one of your goals.

Having a Lucrative cash paying investment and living without a Boss is very Comfortable and very Empowering. Better Health, Better Love, Better Family, Better Fun, Better You and Way Better Life is the reward for attaining it.

So if your ready to make it happen, and who in their right mind wouldn’t be after taking a moment to consider the LIFE SAVING benefits, then READ ON. 


THE SIDE HUSTLE or The Entrepreneurial Business Investment.

Most of us don’t want to Lie or Steal to make money. Most of us want it to be both safe, reliable and Lucrative. Most of us need it to not take a lot of time or education. And most of us want it to Pay Off Big!

Finding a Lucrative and credible Investment can be difficult. What if like most people, you only have about $100-$200 per week discretionary income? This is money we have for whatever or money that we could reallocate. 

The Fastest and Most Reliable way that I know to create a Passive Income (with little money and time) Is by promoting a Recurring Income Commission Offer

If you want the Conventional Passive Income Ideas Google Top 10 are all about the same suggestions. Most of Them all have their own drawbacks. Instead I suggest scaling a digital income with no product or service, just a recurring Commission For Referrals. 


It is the Simplest and It’s basically Pay for Recurring Income.

  • The investment is minimal. Start at any budget. AFFORDABLE: Of Huge Importance
  • Ads Take Minutes to Create and Launch. LITERALLY SIMPLE AND EASY: Of Huge Importance
  • ROI is Fast. Ads run and people click in. Some purchase. You get paid weekly or monthly.
  • Watching your Ads and Message reach Tens of Thousands of people per day is EXCITING!
  • Watching your Recurring Income start to Grow is EXHILARATING!

Need Something To Look Forward To LIKE CRAZY?

Try Micro Investing In Your Financial Freedom by Budgeting It In !!!

WARNING! You’re still Reading so Your Life Could Soon Get Really Awesome! 

The probability of you achieving Passive Financial Freedom

Just Went Through The Roof!

Promoting a Recurring Income Commission Offer

For a list of recurring affiliate commission programs go to

Article: 200+ Recurring Income Offers.

Each of these Recurring Income Affiliate Offers has the major drawback that Recurring Income Affiliate Offers are a Saturated Market. 

Most of the customers that would be purchasing are businesses and already know about the tools and services available in their Market not just because of their own due diligence but because there are many highly motivated Marketers reaching out to them for these High Value Sales.

Instead I suggest our platform.

A Scalable Passive Recurring Income that pays Regular Recurring Commissions with EarthAdvocate.

pastedGraphic_5.pngWho would want a recurring Income Helping Stop the Climate Crisis, Extinction Crisis, Pollution Crisis?… Most Of Everyone it turns out!

EarthAdvocate’s slogan and mission is Financially Empowering Environmental Action.

EarthAdvocate pays $1K per week per 72 Referred from Social Media Ads, and donates the same amount to Environmental Non Profits. 

We provide a super affordable means to Passive Recurring Income. The platform costs $35 per week and just 3 referrals pays that cost. We enable nearly anyone to Start Their Own Business for under $60 per week.  

Because you can reach about 1,000 people per $7 spent on Instagram, accruing referrals can be AutoPilot-Button simple and easy. 

EarthAdvocate guides you step by step with an Instant Messenger Guided Training 

Learn how to set up and split-test Ads to find your best performing. Avoid Big Mistakes that could hurt your Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube advertiser acct. It only takes about 3 hours to get up and running your own Ads and publishers start seeing Ad results starting the Next Day. We provide the Ad Assets and Pay your 40% Commission weekly. 

$1K per week per 72 Referred from Social Media Ads. Social Media Advertise guided quick start EDU. Start Right Now and Have Ads on for Tomorrow Fast!

Want To Get More Motivated ?Main Rewards Of Passive Income Success

Wake Up Whenever you want, Go Anywhere you wish-not tied to a JOB, live Debt Free, have more than enough money to cover all of your expenses SET ON AUTOMATIC. Time for Health, Love, Leisure, Hobbies, Adventure…


With Recurring Passive Online Income It’s CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE actually! 

Passive Income Is THE BEST INCOME!

Making passive income online is an excellent way to start your own business and earn money on your own terms.



By focusing on passive income recurring commission opportunities marketers can maximize their marketing ROI and ROAS and Secure a steady stream of income while scaling it again and again by reinvesting profits. 

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