Antania’s “The God Complex” – A new morbid vision of electronic music 

Antania’s “The God Complex” – A new morbid vision of electronic music 


Brought to you via “The Triad Recs”, “The God Complex” is an album with bite, even if it takes a moment to successfully grip the listener, mind you, you have never heard anything like this before. The opening track “The God Complex” isn’t the best representation of doom bass on the release but it has a punch. Dense to the point of impenetrability, you can just about make out interesting ideas struggling to be heard, before they’re drowned in a vat of excessive sonics. “Angels and Demons III” is just the ticket, though, a more streamlined by no less urgent and incessant assault. From then, things hit their stride in terms of pace and consistency, with the screeching self titled “Antania”, “In the Fire, “Trophy” “Todays Your Day”, “Hello Gloomsday” and the grinding “D3D Solz” which is a thunderous monster and Vocalist Kali Mortem hits hard, one of the best on the release. 


Given Antania’s  predilection for black analog noise, Dr Luna blesses you with two Black Ambient Noise solo tracks that could easily be the darkest shit you have ever heard, “Ritual Carnage” and “Netherland.”  It doesn’t come as a massive surprise knowing Dr Luna’s devotion to darkness– excellent though they are.

 “Black Glitch Six”, however, may turn the heads of new listeners, one of my two favorite tracks on the release. If violent video games are what you’re into, give this bass-noise-industrial song a listen. Kali Mortems vocals are saturated with distortion and analog compression but knowing that Dr Luna prefers to under produce bass music to destroy your ear holes, it just simply works. Who else other than Dr Luna decides to mix Death Metal and Nintendo?


“The God Complex” wins many points for going where no band has gone before. The album, and its creators do deserve credit for forging a new genre, and if twisted vocals over an orchestra of power bass lines from the netherworld sounds like fun, this is the soundtrack for you. 9/10 stars ⭐️ 

Video – The God Complex 


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