Why you should switch your search engine to PrivacyWall today

Why you should switch your search engine to PrivacyWall today

PrivacyWall is taking the world of internet search engines by storm. Read all about it here.

Search engines may help you find what you’re looking for, but it often comes at a price: your privacy.

Most of the big search engines today are essentially data collection tools for advertising companies. Collecting your private data helps these companies to make money with targeted ads, which is a booming industry. Unless you are using a private search engine, your data is ending up in the hands of third parties and you are the product.

Here is the information being collected by some of the larger (not private) search engines:

  1. Source IP address
  2. Location
  3. Unique identifier (stored in browser cookies)
  4. Search queries

Using a search engine can disclose highly personal information about you, such as medical issues, employment status, financial information, political beliefs, and other private details. This data, of course, can be collected, stored, and linked to your data profile (and real identity). The only way to effectively “opt out” is to keep your data safe and out of the hands of the data collectors. PrivacyWall are here to help you do just that


PrivacyWall is the #UnSearchEngine.

Privacy Wall is here to protect your data and your privacy, slaying cookies 🍪 and viruses 🥠 everyday for you.

Their mission at PrivacyWall is to protect consumer privacy to reduce discrimination due to age, race, gender, color, income, and health.

#PrivacyWall #Search🔎 is designed to be fast and secure. When using PrivacyWall, your search is faster and uses less data because we block all third-party trackers after enabling tracking protection.

PrivateView 🕵️ enables anyone to preview websties in realtime, without revealing your IP address. Unlike any other search engine, they don’t use your search data to follow you around the web with intrusive ads.

🙌PrivacyWall is committed to advancing digital #inclusion and equal access, because #dreams are universal but opportunities are not. Through their civic action initiatives.

PrivacyWall is empowering low-income and under-served communities to enter the digital age through the Federal Lifetime Internet program, grassroots voter drives, and giving programs aimed at eradicating hunger and food deserts around the world.

↪️Join them in bending the arc of history towards a more inclusive #future.

⭐They are 100% in for #Inclusive capitalism. Next generation privacy firewall. An on/off switch for online privacy.

Over 100,000 people user PrivacyWall everyday.

“We like to call ourselves the #UnSearchEngine, and we’re proud to be just as focused on our mission to protect consumer privacy as we are in supporting our communities. To date, we have donated to causes such as World Central Kitchen, FeedingAmerica”.


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