Talented Tenth, in Tallahassee

Talented Tenth, in Tallahassee

James Murray is the Founder and CEO of Everything High-Level LLC. James recently had an event, Talented Tenth, in Tallahassee. This event took place this past Saturday 16 April 2022 at 7 pm in Tallahassee.

Talented Tenth in Tallahassee is an event where members can network and build new connections. It is a black-owned event. There were multiple music performances by artists. James Murray has a goal to build a community and support black-owned businesses.

Dj L smooth is an Entreproducer who has been producing, DJ-ING, doing everything music related and “in the performing arts field since I was 13 (now 31 on July 17th). I began rapping and creating Positive music with my past company, Positive Generation Entertainment.” after Dj L smooth finished his college journey he began music as a full time audio engineer working at Cumulus broadcasting, then took his talents to the city of Tallahassee. “I’ve been with them since 2007 working my way up. Now 1/3 CEO of VEZ Productions, I’ve been maximizing the growth of my musical endeavors by owning and operating my own studio production location located in the heart of the city at Railroad Village” Dj L smooth provided the space for James to host the event, a videography team, DJ L-SMOOTH, Tables and chairs and the projector solution!

Jabari Daniels was born and raised in Tampa, Fl. Growing up, Jabari Daniels dealt with constant adversity and mental pain which caused Depression, anxiety, fear, trauma, anger, and sorrow. “I carried that weight all throughout my upbringing with no knowledge of how to heal from it. When I was at my lowest of low, I prayed until I couldn’t anymore and God showed me a vision of my future. From that point on, I knew the purpose of everything I’ve been through is to lead and inspire others to overcome anything that they are dealing with in life!” Jabari Daniels started “Poetic Pain LLC” as a sign of hope. Those people will never be alone. That they can be as great as they are destined to be and beyond! “What does Poetic Pain mean to me? A symbol of life. Makes me believe that no matter what adversity I go through, I will always come out on top and flourish beyond belief. My Logo is a broken heart with Angel Wings and a Halo attached. The broken heart stands for hurt, pain, trauma, fear, depression, anxiety, anger, and sorrow. The Angel Wings are meant to get you out of adversity and take you further than you could ever imagine. The Halo is to remind you to keep faith because God is always with you no matter the struggle.” Jabari Daniels’ purpose for attending the event was to spread awareness about overcoming mental struggles and to showcase Poetic Pain LLC. 

“Tokyo” Mobley; and his company is VIIFIGUREVISION 
Tokyo was the videographer for the talented tenth tallahase event. 
“It was a great experience. I think what James is working towards doing is a super dope concept. 
I filmed the entire event! & it was a great experience. The DJ, DJ L-Smooth, was amazing, and so were the performers, Bianca and Jorge. Keith was hilarious as the host, and also brought me up to perform a snippet of a song, as I am also a recording artist. Overall, I enjoyed the evening as James closed out with his presentation and spoke about his plans to assist in the growth and expansion of black businesses, and black artists.”


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