Putting the Doctor’s Advice on Skincare Routine to the Test

Aging is inescapable and we all get older and experience unwanted changes to our body as a result. Our metabolism slows, our body aches, and signs of aging show up on our faces in the form of soft-fleshier cheeks and expression lines. Recently, I started to ponder how I got to my late 30’s so quickly, and profoundly missed the days of being in my 20’s again.


As I started researching different skincare brands, serums, creams, and oils, I found myself getting lost in all the information floating around the internet. Different articles contradicted each other, everyone claimed to have the “miracle” in a bottle, and the number of new brands I encountered was just straight up intimidating.



After months going down this road, my thoughts on skincare have changed. When it comes to skincare and what actually works, I put my trust only in doctors and experts who know our bodies the best. Dr. Amy Lee, MD, believes that for healthier skin, the “less is more” philosophy is the golden rule to keeping your skin young and beautiful. When asked what she uses in her daily skincare regimen, she said, “I keep my routine simple to just three products day and night – the Advanced Collagen Formula Cream, DNA Matrix Serum, and the Vitamin C20 Serum from Dermaesthetics.”


There is no shortage of skincare products on the market these days, it helps to know what the experts are personally using and relying on for anti-aging benefits. I purchased all three products Dr. Lee uses from Dermaesthetics at full price to test them for myself. Here are my results and review on the products. 


Advanced Collagen Cream: While it is not perfect, this is hands down the best cream I have ever tried. It is light, quick absorbing, and gives my skin a firm and plump feeling that lasts all day. I do not have to apply as much makeup to feel good about how I look, and my wrinkles appear a lot less noticeable. 


The only thing with this cream is that sometimes it can be a little too light for me on days my skin feels extra dry, and I end up having to re-apply the cream. But I guess that is a small inconvenience for all the benefits I get from it. 


Overall, I would highly recommend this cream for its light, bouncy texture, and the beautiful lift it gives to my saggy cheeks. 



Vitamin C20 Serum: I really like this serum and noticed my skin was brighter and dewier after the first use. One of the things that stood out right away was  that the texture of the serum felt rich like it was packed with a lot of ingredients. It gave a slightly tacky feeling I actually appreciate because that is how professional serums I’ve gotten in facials feel like. Love! Love! Love!


Additionally, no matter how much sunblock I use, I usually get an uneven tan that appears darker on my forehead and nose. This serum evened out my complexion and gave me smoother skin.


I would make this a staple in your routine.


DNA Matrix Serum: The product description on the company’s website says this serum is used to help with recovery and firming. I used the serum for ten days straight and did not notice anything dramatically different but for some reason I felt my skin just soaked it up and loved it. 


One morning after rushing to curl my hair I clumsily dropped the iron on the side of my face and received a minor burn. This was not my first fight with the iron and so prepared myself for the redness to brown then scabbing to come in the weeks ahead. I continued to apply the DNA Matrix Serum and to my surprise saw the burn fade away after the third day. 


I did a little research on the ingredients highlighted on their website for this product and read that Glycosaminoglycans and Sodium DNA have deep hydrating and healing benefits. They are my new favorite skincare saviors!


I am continuing to use this serum day and night to support the overall health of my skin cells to slow the appearance of aging – my holy grail. 


My final thoughts: if you really want to give yourself a leg up searching skincare that works, ask an expert first — you may be missing out on good finds like Dermaesthetics (

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