Channeler Carol Collins, On How She Discovered Her Gift –  To Connect Her Clients To Guides & Loved Ones

Channeler Carol Collins, On How She Discovered Her Gift –  To Connect Her Clients To Guides & Loved Ones

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Carol Collins is referred to as The Pittsburgh Medium. Even though Collins goes by this title, she describes the difference between a medium and a channeler.

Carol explains how “A channeler is also a medium, but a medium is not a channeler. A medium is someone who connects to guides and loved ones but does not have the ability to allow them to communicate directly through trance communication.” 

Collins discovered her gift in March of 2019 after a long-term relationship breakup and a move for a new start in a new city in 2018. Collins had a difficult time adjusting to her surroundings, and found herself journaling, reading, and praying a lot in order to find a balance in her life. 

After nine months of silently meditating, the names James and Jesuha started speaking to her. “Since then I have witnessed through trance state James and Jeshua and others teach hundreds of classes, events, workshops, retreats, public and private readings, and attunement (or Quantum Energy Healing) sessions. I am what some refer to as a spontaneous channel or someone who has had a spontaneous spiritual awakening,” says Collins.

Collins describes her identity as a channeler by explaining how her energies work “as a channeler is that I have a quick and easy ability to connect to loved ones in spirit, past lives, future lives, Guides, Nonphysical Teachers, Archangels, and others from the spirit or soul plane.”

She continues “I shift into a trance state or altered state meaning my mind goes very quiet, my face feels a soft vibration in the air around it and next thing I know my voice is being used to convey spiritual messages of upliftment and teachings about Consciousness, how the world’s were created, why we are having a physical life experience, Law of Personal Reality/Law of Attraction, how thoughts create your reality, self-healing by Directing Chi, Quantum Healing, and connecting with the spirit realm and learning to convey or have words conveyed by the Guides by use of a person’s voice.”  

The voices that connect with Collins that take her to this “altered state” are called The Jeshua Collective, also known as nonphysical teachers.. They borrow Collins’ voice, and teach what they call The Essential Material. Collins explains how her connections with The Jeshua Collective do not allow to speak and converse with “dead people”, but rather “… speak with people and Guides in spirit all the time. I have an instant connection to Beings in spirit and they are always conveying messages of upliftment, guidance – emotional, business, relationship, my to-do list – you name it they guide me and my clients on any topic of interest.”

Collins has several events this summer that can help others find their way to Jesuha.

Collins’ website is a great resource for channeling. Along with that, the Center for Intuitive Studies – 2022 Course Catalog is another place to sign up for courses for self-healing, miracles, meditation, and more. Sessions can be done either virtual or in-person. She also offers semester courses (12 weeks) as well as mini-courses (2-4 hours). 

You can also register for 30 or 60 minute reading sessions with Collins. Collins’ contact information is (240) 561-1338 or email her at [email protected]

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