Artist Focus: Ncognito

Artist Focus: Ncognito

Amani Katanta A.K.A Ncognito is an upcoming artist from the Athletic state of North Carolina. Ncognito says “with the orchestra being my first-hand experience of music; My Genre is a mix of many tastes” Ncognito discovered his love for music early on in middle school. “I was going through hard times and My Social Studies Teacher helped me express things through pen and paper” Amani also known as Ncognito had his first opportunity when an Artist named Young Smoke came and heard his presentation and gave him his card. “opportunity was given to me when an Artist named Young Smoke came and heard my presentation and gave me his card. I let go of music when I lost the card that he gave me when I tried to show it to my mom… a decade or so later of avoiding and it inevitably caught up to me (The Truth sunk in during quarantine as I was studying for my BioTest)”. Ncognito is currently planning on making music his life’s work, “it’s a part of me in every aspect of my life… I go with the flow and I feel like music is very similar to that which is why my relationship with it has never wavered”. He is currently working on an EP. It’s going to be very relatable but in a sense unique… “I’m challenging myself on this one, meshing my feelings and experiences into the Sound I’m trying to create; I get very impatient, so learning to be relaxed and letting things flow, especially during this chaotic time has really been a life-changing experience of mine” Ncognito plans to release his next release around May or April Max.


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