6 Makeup Habits That Are Aging You

If you are a day over 25, you have to start thinking of shifting some of those make-up techniques you’ve been using carelessly. Why? Because a simple product that’s meant to enhance those pretty features, applied the wrong way, can easily add 15 years to your face! I learnt this from my recent frequent visits to makeup artists, so here I summarized the 6 makeup habits that are aging you:

  1. Messy Makeup: Runny eyeliner and mascara end up settling in the small lines around your eyes. Keep a couple of Q-tips in your bag to help freshen up your eyes, and in turn, your whole look.
  2. Shimmery Skin: Luminous products (like blush or highlighter) tend to grease into the little creases and highlight your small imperfections. To avoid this, make sure your skin is well hydrated, moisturized, and use powder-based products of light formulas. Consider switching to an aloe vera based cleanser with long lasting moisturizing effect.
  3. Dark Brows: The Cara Delevingne trend is so mis-used. It’s true that thicker eye-brows are ‘in’ at the moment, but you should always use a shade that is lighter than your hair tone, and draw alongside the hairs, not across them.
  4. Too Much Loose Powder: Ok, I know I said you should be using powder-based products, but you also need to get easy on these! Too much tinted loose powder can cake on top of your skin, especially around the smile lines. Instead, use a light dusting of translucent powder with a large powder brush to avoid depositing too much. Same applies to bronzers!
  5. Sparkly Eyes: I can’t wait for the sparking trend to be over. Unless it’s halloween, anything sparkling is hugely annoying to me. Glimmer exaggerates wrinkles and makes contouring difficult. Instead, use matte shadows to shape the eyes and define the crease. Use a touch of shimmer only at the center of the lid and a light-touch on the inner corner.
  6. Dark Lips: I don’t want to even get started on these. Heavy and dark lipstick will immediately make your lips smaller, and your whole ambiance colder. So simply go for color! If you still would like to wear darker shades, as they’re trendy, use sheer formulas, and carefully pat them onto your lips using your ring finger. This way, you will get soft edges, which will make your lips look fuller instead of thinner.

But don’t let the habits mentioned above let you down, since makeup is just part of your beauty and life. Read 50 more lifestyle habits that will actually make you feel and look younger!

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