That Witch Beauty, The  Skincare & Antiaging Brand Curated By Kitsie Duncan, That Is Just As Magical As The Name Itself

That Witch Beauty, The  Skincare & Antiaging Brand Curated By Kitsie Duncan, That Is Just As Magical As The Name Itself

“Have you ever wanted to use skincare to brighten your complexion, reduce aging, and overall better your skin but don’t know where to start?”  Well “That Witch Beauty” is the brand for you! This selfcare skin care brand is ideal for any skincare lover of any age. That Witch Beauty  features products that were created to allow others find self love and the magic inside them.

When a customer purchases “That Witch Beauty,” they are encouraged to set their own intentions for self-love and acceptance utilizing all natural products, moon charged water, and crystals, as well as offering more self-love for each customer. Each product is either a personal preference or a desire for something finer, cleaner, and more “magical” than what is currently available on the market. 

Proven by the founder herself, Kitsie Duncan, has tested endless amounts of products already on the market prior to curating That Witch Beauty in her hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. Taking great pride in her work and thoroughly tests everything she develops on herself and others before exposing it to the public.

All of the skin care products contain an all-natural essential oil or a component that our bodies naturally create, such as Hyaluronic Acid or pheromones. Buying organic and ethically sourced ingredients is always a priority. 

If one of That Witch Beautys’ customers is going to put her products on their body, Kitsie Duncan feels they should be “as natural as possible.”

Kitsie Duncan’s decision to launch “That Witch Beauty” and sell her products was based on time. She’d recently left her employment as a photographer and had previously produced and edited a season of Paranormal X Road. When the season ended, she had the concept for the brand and told a friend, “You know what, I’m simply going to do it.” She went home that day and started working on Glamour Glow, Hair Magic, and Wake Up Witch. She applied all of the products to herself and saw a substantial difference.

Knowing that the maker of any product is using their own products over others can tell a tremendous amount. Kitsie believes in her products enough to use on herself everyday.

Some best sellers include “It’s All About Me” which is a meditation room and linen spray with essential oils to encourage quiet, intuition, and grounding, as well as crystals for the same reason. The aroma is a spicy citrus that awakens the senses while also promoting focus and anchoring. Another great product is called “Moody Magic“, which is an anti-aging shower/bath gel that boosts mood. 

The OURS series is a face skin care routine that Kitsie took a long time to create. She wanted an anti-aging, collagen-boosting, gender-neutral product. That is precisely what this compilation is. With the use of essential oils, you can not only slow down but also reverse the aging process.

“If I had a dollar for every time I walked up and down the beauty care isles and just didn’t know what to try next,” Kistie exclaimed. “And while on my current journey of self healing and learning to know and love myself again, I decided why can’t there be a product I buy that makes me feel better about how I look AND something that makes me feel better about how I feel.”

The intention for each product that Kitsie produced for “That Witch Beauty”  is made to help the end user feel just that and learn that taking care of themselves is something they should enjoy, and get some sort of satisfaction from. “All of the moon water in the products is charged under the moon with the intent for the end user to not only look better but to feel better in their own skin.”

You can purchase some That Witch Beauty products on the website

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