Tastiest Breakfast in the City at Coucou Canard

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and its clear this ethos runs deep at Grand Central Food Bazaar’s breakfast offer CouCou Canard. Open from 7am daily CouCou Canard is serving up the tastiest breakfasts in the city.

We checked out the menu at brunch time on Sunday, each ingredient is locally sourced and the attention to detail is notable. We started our morning with a coffee, my friend opted for a Soy Latte while I chose a Cappuccino, and both were delicious giving us a much needed caffeine boost while we checked out the food menu.

The menu is simple at first glance; breakfast sandwiches sit alongside traditional breakfasts. My eye is then drawn to the breakfast sharers including Breakfast Pizza and Chorizo and Eggs and the game is changed, it is clear that CouCou have the same light hearted approach to their menu as sister restaurant Champagne and Fromage.

Playing safe we opted for traditional breakfasts, although I will be back for a breakfast pizza the next time a hangover hits. The Dirty Breakfast as a meat eater option and a Veggie Breakfast for myself (a part time veggie).

The breakfast includes everything you would expect to see on a traditional breakfast with a few twists making including seasoned diced potatoes making this the most appetising breakfast I’ve had in a while. As a part time veggie I had plate envy for the locally sourced sausage and bacon that was cooked to perfection on my friends plate. The meat substitute on the veggie breakfast is a tasty serving of Halloumi. Portion size is plentiful but manageable; we left feeling full and satisfied!

Liverpool has no shortage of breakfast spots and its easy to go to the same few places each week, whether you’re setting yourself up for a day of Christmas shopping or nursing the effects of one two many festive drinks, break the habit and head to CouCou Canard, you won’t be disappointed.