Local charity launches project for women in recovery from addiction

Local Charity Fallen Angels Dance Theatre has launched their first Women’s focused project, with  funding from the Tampon Tax Fund through Cheshire Community Foundation.

Towards the end of April a group of 10 women in recovery from addiction will come together in a series of dance and wellbeing workshops to explore and articulate issues that have affected their lives. Fallen Angels  is a charity for people in recovery from addiction, which aims to enhance recovery through movement. The charity is working in partnership on the project with Beehive Healthcare and Myokinetics peak performance and rehab centre, who will provide workshops based around mindfulness, nutrition and movement mobility.

We are so excited about launching our Women’s project, by exploring personal development, we hope to build the confidence and self esteem of local women in recovery. We hope they will feel empowered by growing together through this project” says Claire Morris from Fallen Angels.

FADT Community Recovery Dance Theatre Workshops will take place weekly. On Mondays between 12 and 2pm, there will be workshops based at Storyhouse, Chester. On Thursday’s the workshops will take place in Liverpool, between 1 and 3pm at LIC Studio, Bluecoat.

Fallen Angels is also currently working in partnership with International Women’s active wear brand Sweaty Betty until the end of March. Initiated to celebrate International Women’s Day, Sweaty Betty have designed a collection in which £10/$15 from each piece is donated to Fallen Angels Dance Theatre and Ditch the Label. 

We created this collection to celebrate strong and powerful women worldwide, so we are so excited to empower women through these charity partnerships’, reflects Sweaty Betty Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton. Handpicked in collaboration with two of the brands ambassadors Sophie Apollonia and Mia Kang. ‘One of the main rules we live by is to find strength in sisterhood and be kind to each other’ says Tamara, ‘these charities completely resonate with our brand mission so I am very excited to work together’.

For more information visit , or if you are interested in taking part in the project contact Claire on: 07801 478 548 [email protected]