How to Motivate your Employees

How to Motivate your Employees

Now, more than ever, those in positions of power need to make conscious, overt efforts to analyze and improve their employees’ happiness in the workplace. Not only does it create an environment that valuable employees and prospective ones would want to work in but it increases your organization’s productivity which could bring with it more revenue and success. 

The challenges management faces are daunting as they attempt to salvage their companies under pressure from COVID-19 and it’s related shutdowns. As we all know, the heart and soul of a company are the people that work for it. What management might not understand though is how their employees are feeling and dealing with the pandemic. Maybe it’s because of the income disparity that naturally comes with senior positions or you’ve grown out of touch, the time to act is today.

Recognition Equals Morale

Do you remember the days when you were in elementary school and brought home the drawing you made in art class? With both arms raised, paper clutched in hand, you run to mom and ask her to look at your masterpiece in hopes that it is put up on the refrigerator for all to see? That want and need for recognition doesn’t fade because we are adults. The loyalty and dedication of your employees needs to be recognized, be it from a certificate or a set of lapel pins or even a simple “thank you.” Make it a priority to seek out the stellar people of your organization and give them the recognition they deserve.

Embrace the Trenches, Lead from the Front

No longer can leaders stand in the dark recesses of their corner offices, hiding from their frontline soldiers who are slogging it in the trenches. The world is actually in a war against this pandemic and we need to see our “generals” leading from the front, fighting in those trenches. As the boss or manager, your job transcends that of delegating to inspiring. You’ll get more from your people if they see you are willing to do everything you ask them to do. They’ll work hard for you because you’re setting the standard of what hard work looks like. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get dirty.

Share in the Pain

When it’s all said and done, the history books will write that in 2020 the American workforce lost 50 million jobs due to the pandemic and in very short order. The financial and economic pains were largely shouldered by the lower and middle classes and while they suffered they bore witness to the fastest growth of billionaire net worth to have ever been seen in such a handful of months. That’s a terrible pill to have to swallow. Now they are working for you or were finally allowed to come back to work. Share in the pain by showing that management is capping their pay or waiving any bonuses or taking a temporary pay cut.

At the end of the day, this country will rebuild and be better and stronger than before. But it will take time and while we recover, keep in mind what makes your company go. The American worker.


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