5 Tips for A Car Free Commute

5 Tips for A Car Free Commute

Looking to commute without a car – here are some tips to do so.

1. Nailing the morning routine

It is a good idea to start your day off in a good mood even before thinking about getting into your car. Apart from make-up tutorials and cat videos, you will notice that many people online like sharing their morning routines. It can be light exercises, a healthy breakfast, and journaling. It is easy to poke fun at people doing this, but they might be onto something.

We are trying to see here not investing in a matcha whisk or encouraging you to go deeper on spirituality. We are encouraging you to think about the most enjoyable and beneficial aspect of your average morning, make time for it and try to stick to it. human beings like to think they are carefree and spontaneous, but we thrive in structure. 

So whether your morning routine is about watching TV, drinking coffee, taking your dog out for a walk, exercising, or any other activity you enjoy, make sure you get up in time so you can do them without having to hurry. If you have a morning routine and go through it successfully, you are going to feel accomplished, relaxed, and ready to start your day. This is all before you even climb onto your car. It will take time to build a routine, which is why you shouldn’t beat yourself up or have a bad day. If you try it and fail, don’t worry, start afresh tomorrow and everything will be great. 

2. Being organized and planning ahead

Lack of control can sometimes make someone feel stressed. While it is impossible to predict the traffic and how other road users are going to act, you can still choose to set yourself up to handle whatever is coming your way. Being organized and planning ahead for your commute is going to make you feel like you have control of the situation.

What do you need to organize? The first thing is making sure you know the most efficient route to use when going to work or school. It is also a good idea to have some back-ups if there are delays or road works. You can save yourself a lot of time by knowing alternative routes because you don’t have to think on your feet as time ticks.

Get the best source of traffic updates – this is going to help you know about any potential issues on your route. As you brew and drink your coffee, tune in to the local radio station so you can understand what to expect when you are on the road. You won’t have to deal with surprises, which is going to help you avoid stress.

3. Making your car a fun place to be

Are you going to spend a lot of time in your car? You need to make it the place that you want to be. Your eyes need to be firmly on the road when you drive, but there are many things you can do to create a fun and calming atmosphere in your car.

Everything inside needs to be comfortable and clean. If you are a regular commuter, then your is like an extension of your living room. If the inside of your car is full of sweet wrappers and a funky smell that got there when you went to the beach, you will be counting time until you get out of it. When this happens, it adds a sense of urgency and the drive is not going to be enjoyable at all. Make sure there is no trash inside your car and always make sure it is cleaned regularly.

When you are inside your car, it is now time to turn up the tunes. Another option is to listen to an audiobook or your favorite podcast. Whatever it is you enjoy listening to, then stick to it. Music is good to listen to because it is going to boost your mood, which can make your drive a little much better. The car in front of you did not give way, who cares? It is hard when you are listening to your favorite tune or even singing along to it. Music is going to make your commute better.

4. Timing is everything

One worry that most people have when commuting to work is having the sense that they are not going to get there on time. Many employers hate it when their employees get to work late, and this forces them to rush their commute. You might manage to get there on time, but the process is going to be far from easy.

You need plenty of time for a stress-free commute, which means you have to get up early. When we say early, we mean a time that is going to give you enough space to do your morning routine and also cater to unexpected delays. It is a good idea to add cushion time to your morning so you can be ready if something goes wrong. You don’t have to start stressing because you know you have some allowance. When you are on the road, you are going to be relaxed because you know a slight delay doesn’t mean being late to work or getting shouted at by the boss.

Figure out the time you need, then add 10 minutes that will give you peace of mind.

5. Showing the car some TLC

Your car breaking down is one of the worst things that can happen when you are commuting. This means you will most likely be late for work. You also have to spend your money on covering the repairs. Your car breaking down can also make things hard for other people because it can mean them being late for work too. This is a nightmare that no one wants to deal with.

A car breaking down is something you can’t control, but you can minimize the chance of it happening by maintaining your car. Keep an eye on things like oil levels, tire pressure, general wear, and tear, and most importantly, petrol gauge. If your car has a warning light flashing, take it to the mechanic and have the problem fixed. Ignoring these problems is going to cost you a lot later when you least expect it. 

Taking care of your car is essential. If you have many issues with your car it is an option to recycle your car. It is worth considering if you can live without your car or find a more economical and environmentally friendly car.


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