Pork Chop Express in Liverpool

Pork Chop Express in Liverpool

Nestled away in the cobbled backstreets, away from the bustling city centre of Liverpool lies an authentic BBQ and smokehouse cunningly concealed in a Victorian terraced townhouse. Don’t be fooled by the unassuming façade, once inside the quirky interior gives a relaxed vibe and soothes the soul.

The first thing that struck me upon entering the den of delights was the intricate flooring made from a plethora of shiny brass pennies. The child inside me was immediately released into the confines of my adult body as I proceeded to shuffle my buckled ankle boots across the bronzed array on coins – not slippy I hasten to add…no health and safety issues here!! Just a very cool and unique concept.

We were seated upstairs near the open kitchen – a favourite feature for total control freaks like myself! I like to see EVERYTHING.

I hit the cocktails whilst Martin was tempted by the interesting Michelada –beer with a salt rim, hot sauce and lime. I whooped inside at the thought of him burning his mouth on the hot sauce and doing the embarrassing ‘this-is-too-spicy-for-me-but-im-in-a-restaurant-and-I-don’t-want-to-make-a-fuss-or-heaven-forbid-spit-it-out’ splutter. Grinning inwardly, I recoiled to witness the hysteria unfold, only to be disappointed when he coolly ripped back the ring pull and the globule of hot sauce descended into the ice cold beer and his modest gulp didn’t exude my desired outcome.
Our culinary delight for the evening consisted of a variety of barbecued bites. We opted for BBQ Tray 2- unfortunately for us rocking up on a Sunday after an incredibly busy weekend wasn’t our smartest of ideas and a couple of items we had to substitute. So, for Rosie and Martin’s bespoke BBQ tray we had: rib, prawns, wings, slaw, chilli con fries and mac and cheese with sourdough toast.
The prawns were juicy, succulent and finger licking delicious. The wings had a perfect texture with the rich chickeny flesh doused in a homemade tangy barbecue sauce simply melted away from the bone. We gnawed away feverishly and sucked the meat juices from the bony remains.
I consider myself somewhat of a mac and cheese connoisseur – I was immensely impressed. The crunchy crumbling topping was divided to reveal a rich, opulent and terrifically cheesy glaze smothering the al dente pasta shells. The sourdough bread proved to be a worthy vessel to scoop the pasta goodness into our eager salivating mouths.
There is one more key element to creating a successful and steadfast food offering the rapidly changing culinary landscape of Liverpool city centre – the staff. Salt Dog Slims have found some of the most genuinely warm and hospitable servers the city lays claim to. We must have sat and laughed, joked, cried, talked about the future for well over 2 hours but the moments passed without notice, it is truly a timeless zone.
So for date night, mate’s dates, boys time, a girly catch up or simply to make the most of Sunday cheat day, hit up Slims Pork Chop Express for a feast fit for a king.