Leading the Prison system towards a revolution!

Liverpool born John Burton is the Founder of revolutionary app/website Inside Connections and rehabilitation and reform programme for ex-offenders

After being sent to Prison in Standford Hill to serve a sentence for peddling Class A drugs, John Burton witnessed first hand some of the trials and tribulations of life for not only himself but the families with loved ones behind bars.

Whilst John was serving part of his sentence in the isle of Sheppey, he wasn’t able to get many visitors to make the 14 hour round trip for just an hour visit, placing a huge strain on the mental health of not only himself but also his young family, as well as friends. Keeping in contact with family is imperative, and John’s new vision is to keep families and friends up to date with the development and progression of their loved ones inside as well as rehabilitation programmes for when they are released.

The heavy red tape and jargon, within the prison system made what should have been simple tasks, like filling in forms difficult. John could see that the system needed change on a multi-level approach. Why where so many of his inmates being released, only to reappear again within months?

John knew then that he wanted to change himself and to for something positive and constructive to come out of his time in the prison system. His idea developed inside his cell and a mass of scribbled on papers with his vision bloomed.

John Burton – Founder of Inside Connections

Since his release in 2017, John has made big movements towards realising his dream, having won the backing of his former jail bosses, who have predicted that the app will “transform the prison system, inside and out”

John told Urbanista

“You will be able to follow their medication, their education, you can send a video of your kids opening their birthday presents as well as information on how to fill out forms for temporary release or find out how to get to the prison and any rules. On top of this we are now close to launching our rehabilitation program, which will see that ex offenders are given the tools they need to get back on track, we will be launching a 13 week course with limited places which will be jam packed with workshops, courses and practical help to live a life outside crime. We’re really excited to be able to do this”

As well as ex prisoners, John hopes to tackle the 45% of 16-18 year old’s who are coming out of care homes, getting into trouble and then going straight to prison. They need training, apprenticeships and jobs to have a chance at life. Inside connections will assist in training, housing, jobs and reform and rehabilitation. A much needed support service.

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