Bloom into Business at The Florist

Bloom into Business at The Florist – Networking, whats it all about?

Your network is everyone who you know, your friends, your work colleagues and people from any groups you are in. You may also have a network of people on your social media channels.

To sustain a business you need customers, you can of course find customers many ways, through advertising, through email marketing or maybe you can do your own PR.

Another way though, is through networking with other people and their businesses, sharing ideas and building your brand (that’s you included) Being visible and raising your profile will help build a good reputation and get your face known.

People buy from people, they are more likely to use your services/product and refer people to you if they are already familiar and like you.

It`s true that not everyone has the confidence to get out there and start networking their business, so networking groups can help. Usually there are introductions being made and guidance from the group leaders, you can learn from the success (and failure) of others and generally tell people about your business.

The leads received through networking are prone to be of high quality and following up on these leads after the event can bring about an abundance of opportunities such as joint ventures, partnerships and speaking opportunities to name but a few. Word of caution: You do not have to jump into every opportunity that comes your way, make sure you align your vision and goals with the opportunities you are getting involved with.

Don`t be disheartened. If somebody doesn’t want to use your product or service straight away, they may need it in the future, be sure to keep them in an email list to market to. Ever heard the saying it`s not what you know, its who you know? Comes into play here, everyone needs a source of relevant connections of influential people that you can not only advertise your services to but also for advice, oh and referrals!

On top of all this you might even make some new friends and have some fun!

Guest speakers for Q&A on the night are top stylist to the stars Lorraine McCulloch and Patti Bullock of hip new vegan eatery Indigo Greens, prepare your questions ladies.

The next Bloom into Business Women`s networking is on Thursday 6th December at 5.30pm – hosted by Sam Woolley, The Florist`s fabulous BDM and Geniene Azalea from Sass and Self Help you can get a ticket here