**VIDEO PREMIERE** Dillion Lerm – Everyday a Little More (Official Video)

**VIDEO PREMIERE** Dillion Lerm – Everyday a Little More (Official Video)

We are thrilled to bring you Video Premiere of Dillion Lerm’s brand new official video, Everyday A Little More:


If there is only one thing you need to know about Dillon – Is that he takes EVERYONE into consideration, at any given time or place.The charming guy that makes sure everyone is happy & having a
good time. The guy that makes sure all operations of an event runs
smoothly & successfully – even if it’s not his department.

Dillon has been part of the entertainment industry for 10 years and knows what it takes to organize & run an event beyond expectation. Dillon featured in several TV publications like; Noot vir Noot, Jukebox, KykNET, Fiesta, etc. – He also has great experience and background in the Radio presenting industry and feels comfortable and at home with the mic in his hand!

The Master of Ceremonies that keeps the crowd engaged, the Program Director who saves 5 minutes in changeovers, the Kids Holiday Program Entertainer with unique games & activities, the Performing Artist whose songs and shows you enjoy from the heart…. Dillon provides all round fun, entertainment, and
engagement for the entire family and all ages!
Don’t miss out with your next event!

B E M A R K I N G @ D I L L O N L E R M . C O . Z A

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