The Little Theatre Festival 

<strong>The Little Theatre Festival </strong>

A week long theatrical journey in the heart of our City while also being a great little taster for what’s to come in August at the grand version of this marvellous event…………

I went to see “Killing Mice” which was a fascinating historically inspired horror. But don’t let the title put you off as it isn’t about the killing of mice at all. It’s a story about a haunted Victorian Pram inspired by true events from Victorian Times. Definitely adult themed throughout with a hint of debauchery and voyeurism throughout it kept us entertained in its entirety from beginning to end. I was acutely perched on the edge of my seat due to its gripping scenes and risqué themes. I don’t think I’ve watched such a striking and shocking performance as this one before which made for a very interesting watch. It covers many topics. Betrayal, Infidelity, Toxic Friendships, Manipulation, Suicide and Murder! It has it all. It’s one of those performances that deeply embeds in your psyche for a while afterwards. They created the perfect atmosphere and set the scene in such a way that you felt immersed in the drama. Such a dramatic play in a dramatic setting which would of been enhanced had it been under the stars outdoors within the walls of the Bombed Out Church! That would of made for some real interesting scene setting. Like the performances in August of last year at the main event. But as it’s “The Little Theatre Festival” in spring the weather may not have permitted such grandeur ideas so it was best kept undercover in the temporary theatre which had been erected inside the walls of the church. It was a really excellent watch and such a shame that It was one night only because I’d be recommending everyone to go and watch! It’s a performance that should definitely be replayed at the actual Theatre Festival in August as I’m sure it would be well received. 

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