The Half Term Pantomime at St Helen’s Theatre Royal! Jack and The Beanstalk!

The Half Term Pantomime at St Helen’s Theatre Royal! Jack and The Beanstalk!

A whimsical humourous and magical rendition of a great childhood fairytale!

This is one for both the adults and children alike and it was an absolutely brilliant show from start to finish. It was entertaining, magical and hilarious. A combination that can be difficult to master when your trying to cater for adults and children. It truly kept everyone entertained of all ages! My son is two and a half years of age and he was mesmerised so it will definitely keep the most active of toddlers entertained! The light up toys make the children feel like they are interacting with the show so he was also mesmerised by his sword. So I definitely recommend purchasing the light up novelties to make them feel part of the show!

It’s Liverpool meets St Helen’s in this tall tale of Scouse slang and Northern humour

Jenna Sian O’Hara as Fairy Mary (The Fairy from St Helen’s)

We all love a good Scouse Anecdote and this play isn’t short on dishing out that Liverpudlian humour. Along with the humour that goes along with being northern but not Scouse. Sort of a Liverpool meets St Helen’s implied theme. The Fairy narrator know as “Fairy Mary” was every bit the magical and whimsical character she was meant to be. A mesmerising and magical character who is the glue that holds the show together! Very humorous and Northern I found her to be one of the most interesting of all the characters. She was captivating and charismatic and she brought the fairy alive in a way that would entertain both adults and children.

Timothy Lucas as Jack Trott

Timothy Lucas as Jack Trott did not disappoint! I found his Scouse twist on Jack every bit of the endearing Jack The Lad he was trying to portray! It was done in a delightful, humorous and light hearted way and I thought he pulled off the character as the perfect lovable rogue. The hero of the show always has to be a likeable character and it was impossible not to like his take on Jack it was immensely entertaining!

Olivia Sloyan as Princess Jill and Timothy Lucas playing Jack Trott

So to round up I think it’s undoubtedly worth a Half Term visit with your little monsters. Half Term Pantomimes are not the norm! I think it’s a fantastic idea to have a pre Christmas Pantomime! It wets your whistle for the next instalment of whimsical magic at Christmas! It also keeps the kids entertained for another day of half term! They will love the whole experience. The costumes, the magic in the air, the lights and of course all the laughter and swashbuckling comedy worthy of both adults and children!

Although this is now finished your just in time for the next one coming to St Helen’s Theatre in December. Goldilocks! So don’t miss out on a Magical Pantomime that’s fun for all ages!

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