Philadelphia Native “Seek One”, The Contemporary Street Artist With Artworks Across The World And Now Available on The Blockchain

Philadelphia Native “Seek One”, The Contemporary Street Artist With Artworks Across The World And Now Available on The Blockchain

The Talented Philadelphia native “Seek One” is a contemporary street artist taking over the art world. His greatest passion is making art, more specifically through graffiti and contemporary art. He started at the young age of 15 and his art has become a success ever since.

The driven entrepreneur has always been artistic in some way, and growing up as a graffiti artist and photographer offered Seek One the freedom to explore with numerous mediums as a self-taught artist. From the unique graffiti backdrops to the classic iconography, we see much of that influence in his work today. The ability to explore and establish his own style has been crucial to his career as a contemporary artist.

What differentiates Seek One amongst many other artists is that he made a reputation for himself in the fine art world by creating one-of-one art work that combines legendary personalities, old media, and street flair.

The infamous “Seek One” has his artwork spread across galleries and private collections all around the world. More recently, during Art Basel Week in Miami and with a solo show at Galloire Gallery in Dubai, UAE. Seek One is proud of his hardwork as he exclaimed that “Having your work absorbed and appreciated all across the world is one of the best sensations. I truly appreciate each and every one of my collectors.”

His business studies at university level prepared Seek One to operate his own business. He assumes that many people only perceive him as an artist, but the fact is that he works very hard behind the scenes to be able to pursue this full time. Without his business degree, he believes he would not have been as successful.

Artists across the world, both professional and amateur have an impact on Seek One and his creativity. His paintings are influenced by life experiences and absorbing art, style and pop culture everywhere he goes. Traveling helps give Seek One the creative energy to try new ideas, especially after lengthy periods abroad where street art is abundant. 

Most recently, Seek has taken a fresh approach to the style of his work with abstract paintings that have been favorably welcomed by galleries and collectors alike. This style was originally introduced in the summer of 2021 as a direct reflection of the digital art created for his genesis NFT project, “Chosen Ones” by Seek One.

What started as a passion project for translating his fine art to digital turned quickly into a full-scale NFT operation, complete with a strategy team of experts in the space. After examining the amount of labor and sincerity that went into producing each individual NFT, Seek One and his team came up with the moniker “Chosen Ones.”  

“They’re all one-of-a-kind, and with hand-drawn characteristics straight from me, this felt like a fitting and memorable name,” Seek One states, discussing his new NFT collection.” 

The NFT launched early this year and quickly closed out, generating hype amongst his fans and NFT collectors alike. 

Creating NFT’s isn’t easy. Seek One explained,  “the animation part was not too hard to figure out as most animations are just paint splatters. The rest of the NFT was the most difficult section. Thousands of distinct colorful graffiti tags were broken down from my real-life paintings. I then separated them into distinct files depending on hue, and used AI algorithms to reassemble them into “digital” abstract paintings.“

Building an NFT community is key and partnerships were crucial to the success of the project, offering collectors utility. Seek One worked with Source Brewery, collaborating on a limited edition IPA beer, which included four cans in total; each one featuring a unique design inspired by his NFT project “Chosen Ones by Seek One.” The project was a one-time release that sold out quickly. 

The community continues to grow as the NFT is resold on the secondary market through OpenSea, expanding the Seek One brand. With that being said, Seek One intends to create smaller collections with various topics. His second project is still in the early phases of design. There were ~1,500 NFTs in his genesis NFT collection. In the near future, Seek One aspires to produce smaller releases of 100-250 NFTs.

You can currently purchase Seek Ones’ digital art (NFT) on the secondary market through OpenSea by searching “Chosen Ones by Seek One” or invest in his fine art pieces directly through him or at any of his galleries. There is a contact form on his website to reach him or alternatively a list of Seek Ones’ galleries around the globe. 


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