Ma Boyle’s – The traditional hidden gem in the heart of Liverpool City Centre

Ma Boyle’s what a cosy find in the cutest little corner of a City Centre street.

So Liverpool isn’t short of traditional English watering holes to wet your whistle in. But ones with character and an authentic feel are the ones which stand out like beacons for those who appreciate a pint in a beautiful customary Liverpool boozer.

I went on quiz night. Which is always a favorite activity of mine anyway but especially because I absolutely adore Disney and that was the theme. The quiz was run by an outside company who are brought in for the entertainment called Yellow Elephant Promotions. They pride themselves on their themed quiz’s and they didn’t disappoint! It was all things Disney including the music all evening and sing alongs at regular intervals which I thoroughly enjoyed! The quiz is a complete evening of whatever quiz you are undertaking so I can imagine all of the other themes are just as enjoyable. I’ll be back for another that’s for sure! I also loved the compare he was entertaining and comical and he kept the quiz moving in a snappy, upbeat and exciting way. We were all ears whenever he spoke so he certainly commanded the attention of his audience. It was great from start to finish!

The selection of food and drink available on a usual day in Ma Boyle’s is vast. They had all kinds of menus for different times of the day as their client base is very varied. They are favourites with the business district with their traditional top quality food and ales and they also have a fantastic brunch menu which I was perusing on my visit. They have a very large selection of beers on offer. Bottled and draught. I was most impressed. As I love a nice crisp bottled European lager and they didn’t disappoint! They had so much choice. I went with a Mahou. I always go with the more eclectic obscure choice. I love variety and different tastes and that is a special larger. They have such a broad range that you’ll probably staying for more than one in order to try a few!

What I chose off their traditional British pub food menu was an equally great choice. I had the buttermilk chicken burger and chips with slaw. The chips were definitely a niche. They had their own unique look and taste. I couldn’t get enough of them they were that lovely. What an example of a home made chip these were. The buttermilk chicken was cooked to perfection and the bun in which it came on was beautiful. The slaw was also very tasty. Every part of that meal I totally enjoyed. This traditional pub brings raises the bar in pub food. All made from scratch and all cooked to order. What a beautiful meal it was.

Amazing atmosphere, amazing entertainment, amazing food and fantastic selection of drinks! If you have not visited this hidden gem yet make sure you pop in for a lunch or dinner even if you can’t make one of their fantastic quiz nights on a Tuesday evening! I would definitely make time to sample everything this little beauty has to offer if your the type to appreciate one of the great traditional Liverpool pubs in our City! I am a huge fan of it’s sister pub Ma Egerton’s Stage Door behind the Empire. That also has a great ambience, wonderful surroundings and great choice of food and drink. Both pubs have their own signature feel though and Ma Boyle’s is definitely a firm favourite for me now in The City Centre 🙂


Carolyn Anderson